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    DAKAR 2012 - Final Thoughts

    I'm from Canada as well and have to say Go Robby!!! I have no loyalty to the french even though i have french friends and in laws and love them all. I'm a very proud north american.
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    chevy 350 exhaust headers

    Thanks i'll check it out.
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    chevy 350 exhaust headers

    Anyone know which exhaust headers should one buy when dropping a 350 into a 90 toyota regular cab. The stock ones don't even some close to fitting between the frame rails. I'm building my own engine mounts so have some play room. Thanks
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    Street Legal 1450 build

    I wish I had done a full tube chassis. Being limited by the stock toyota frame sucks and has caused me way more headaches in the long run. I know what you mean though, it's gets pretty pricey.
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    radiant heat to shocks

    My thoughts would be that the higher ambient temperature that surrounds the shocks, then the quicker you would expierience shock fade. However, are you truly blowing hot air right over shocks or would that hot air mix with ambient temps giving you a mixed air temp. I would think that there would...
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    Only a few days left for a free set of Fox coilovers with a long travel kit!

    Damn...thats a good deal. Too bad I dont have any of those trucks and am totally broke after christmas.
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    Street Legal 1450 build

    Do you have any closer pics of those rear links? I have the same ones but havent used them yet. Have you had any issues?
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    shroud or no shroud

    Sorry I meant run it without and then with and fan SHROUD.
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    shroud or no shroud

    Axial fans are designed to be run with a shroud. 2/3 of the fan blade should be inside the shroud for the best results. Without a shroud your not pulling nearly enough air through the rad. I'm in the refrigeration/ a/c industry and trust me, without the shroud you will not get the heat transfer...
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    9" straightening?

    Weld slow and vary your weld locations. Be careful not to get it too hot. I just did mine and its nice and straight. It takes a while though.
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    Frame is off a 4x4. But only running 2wd. I actually had a steering box crack my frame on a 92 dodge diesel running 35's. And that wasn't used that hard either.
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    Did you retain the stock steering setup/ steering box?
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    Actually don't worry about the picture. I'll figure it out.
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    Looks like i'll be plating the whole front of the frame then. I was thinking 1/8 but will probably bump that up to 3/16 plate. Its a carbed engine so i'll try to make that part level and the rest will be what it is. Makes sense on the carb though, i'm assuming thats because of the float bowl.
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    What size plating did you go with 1/8?? Would you have a picture? Thanks
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    BIG RED toyota pickup

    Nice job. I'm doing a similar build with a regular cab.
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    I'm in the process of putting a 350 and t400 into 1990 toyota pickup frame. This truck will be used for racing. How strong are these frames? Should I be plating the frame where the new engine mounts weld on. Should I also be plating the outside and top of the frame to add strength for the upper...
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Thats some of the nicest mig welding i've seen. Great job, i'm jealous.
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    1/2" or 5/8" bolts at the spindle?

    Okay that explains it. Thanks for the pics.
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    01 Ranger a-arm dimensions

    the book is called Chassis Engineering by Herb Adams.