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    Thanks to TORC, USAC, and Red Bud!

    Though the rain was a downer, I think the Red Bud weekend was a huge success. Positives: - The crowd was as big as Bark River. Outstanding for the first time there. - The track crew did a great job getting the track ready after rain all week. - Exciting pro-lite races. 15 trucks with...
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    V8 pro-lites officially coming to LOORRS

    Lucas Oil Off Road Rule Update Pro Lite Unlimited Class ***Effective as of May 21st – 22nd,, 2011 - Glen Helen Event*** In addition to the already approved engine packages for this class, the following eight cylinder engine packages are also approved:  General Motors 88958604 from GM...
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    Any LOORRS guys coming to Crandon?

    I know the LeDucs and Probst will be at Crandon. How about Carl? Brandt? Deegan? Adler? Cenni? Daugherty? Brascho? Evan Evans? Rick Welch?
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    Predictions - 2010's Short Course Driver Of The Decade?

    A fun fan topic as we near the beginning of the LORRS and TORC seasons - who do you think will be the short course driver of the decade for the 2010's*? And why? Lets limit this to the pros. My pick - Kyle LeDuc. His learning curve from the underpowered, tippy PL's to P4 took all of about...
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    Steve Naughton - When's the Crandon movie coming out?

    So spill it. When's the Crandon documentary being released? If anyone hasn't seen the trailer... Crandon Movie - First Look on Vimeo
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    Who's coming to Crandon from LOORRS?

    Probsts? Jon said he's not racing. How bout Kevin? Kent Brascho? Jerry and Aaron Daugherty? Anthony Verdone ever get a group together to make the trip? Can anyone verify Carl will be there? How about Pflueger's Pro4? Anyone else?
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    Robby Gordon to race Crandon

    http://dirtnewz.com/corr-pressreleases/2009/07-2009/rgcrandon-7-30-09.shtml Short version - Robby will be in Crandon Friday for practice, fly back to Atlanta, then come back for the Sunday P2 class race, then head back to Atlanta.
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    Chairman's Cup debacle

    The Chairman's Cup debacle needs it's own thread. For those that weren't there, nine Pro2's were lined up door to door in front of the barn for the start. The problem is that they had about 100' before the track narrows down to about 30' wide. The result? Only two or three trucks...
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    Crandon questions?

    Two weeks to go and I'm getting excited. Will we see any new faces at Crandon? Jerry and Aaron Daugherty? Steve McCrossan? Kevin and Jon Probst? Kent Brascho? Al Drews? Who's running super truck? Rhonda? Jace Schubert? Don Williams? Jake Vandevoort? Wandasehga? Schreiner...
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    LOORRS coverage on Speed - Two thumbs up

    Good coverage on Speed. Maybe I'm in the minority but I like hearing the history of the trucks. Note to Cameron Steele - it's Brasch-O, not Brasch-ow. I liked the starting lineup graphics with the driver pictures. Travis Coyne looked pretty good. I don't think I'd be too far...
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    CORR in ESPN Magazine

    There's a small picture and info for Primm coverage on pg. 38 of the new ESPN Magazine. Obviously Primm isn't happening but good publicity for short-course off road racing in a mainstream sports mag.
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    Crandon role call?

    Which CORR (or predominantly CORR) teams are coming to Crandon? YES Douglas Oberg Taylor Greaves Hord Daugherty Renezeder Jenkins brothers Fitzgerald Kincaid Naughton (Classix class) ??? Herbst brothers? Ampudia? LeDucs? Baldwin? Hart? Cenni? Brandt? Currie? I also...
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    "WSORR Hometown Heroes" featured in Dirtsports

    "WSORR Hometown Heroes" Keith Steele (Super Truck/Pro-2wd) and Dave Waldvogel (Pro-2wd) are featured on dirtsportsmag.com. http://www.off-road.com/dirtsports/Features%3A+All/DirtSportsMagcom-Exclusive-Hometown-Heroes-Keith-S/ArticleStandard/Article/detail/530529?contextCategoryId=46515
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    Rate the live Speed coverage?

    What worked? What didn't? Positives - Great track. Good production. Announcers seemed to have some knowledge of team moves - RobMac to Menzies, RJ to Barlow, etc. Exciting P2 and pro lite races. Negatives - Anyone else have sound cutting out? Boring P4 race. Overall - B+...
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    How did they get to the top?

    I'm a new CORR/WSORR fan so I don't know the history. I was looking at Dan Vanden Heuvel's web site and they have a truck for sale that looks like it was a stock truck. That got me wondering how some of the top guys got to the top. Dan Vanden Heuvel - Did he work his way up from stock...
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    More stable - CORR or WSORR?

    ...I don't want to start another Midwest vs. West argument...and I really don't want patsfan to enlighten us with his uninformed opinion...but... I had a conversation today with a co-worker who I found out is a CORR/WSORR fan. We discussed which series is more stable. It's likely we don't...
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    Who's moving - CORR/WSORR

    I've heard rumors but who is moving classes or series? - Steve Federico is selling the truck to move up. Pro-2? CORR? WSORR? - I thought I heard Dan Baudoux was racing an E85 P2 in CORR next year. True? - Ross Hoek said WSORR was losing two P2's to CORR but gaining several. Who's going...
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    Hello, my name is Josh

    I became a short course fan after going to the WSORR race in Owatonna, MN this year. Not much else to say...