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  1. 4oshun12

    Looking for a Toy Hauler

    I'm in the market for a Toy Hauler, what do you think the basic features one should have, it's only for the Familia, I have a 96 Bronco that I plan on pulling it with and would like to spend between 10-15000.
  2. 4oshun12

    Getting headers

    I am looking at installing some headers on my 96 Ford Bronco, any ideas on what diameter, brand and I was think of taking of the CATS and putting two Flowmasters, I also want to buy an throttle body spacer and it has a K&N Filter. Any ideas or suggestion would be helpful and appreciated. I...
  3. 4oshun12

    1996 Ford Bronco--project

    I fixing up my Bronco but need a little help in the suspension department, I want to widen the front but keep the 4wd. I also need some ideas of what to do with the rear-end. I want it to be able to handle some good hard whoops...........any ideas ie: spring rating, type of shocks
  4. 4oshun12

    Website updated

    Check out our website that was recently updated, give me your opinion www.dirtsquadmotorsports.com
  5. 4oshun12

    YZ450F question

    I have a 2004 YZ450F, it has a brand new top end on it, less than an hour, my issue is that it is a mother grabber to start it, I have to pull start it with my Ranger so that it will start. I have also tried finding the compression stroke and all that other madness, it wasn't even this hard to...
  6. 4oshun12

    CODE Oasa San Luiis Race video

    YouTube - San Luis CODE 2007 timeracingnews.com
  7. 4oshun12

    CODE Oasa San Luis race video

    YouTube - San Luis CODE 2007 timeracingnews.com
  8. 4oshun12

    CODE Oasa San Luis race video

    YouTube - San Luis CODE 2007 timeracingnews.com
  9. 4oshun12

    XR problem........another one

    Went riding on Friday and the bike was running fine, but when I was in third and fourth and I stood up to go over some whoops the bike would bog down really bad, almost as if it was running out of gas............anyone have any idea what it could be?
  10. 4oshun12

    What's with all the TT's for sale

    Why are all TT's and Class 1's going up for sale, is this a trend that happens every once in a while
  11. 4oshun12

    Busco una XR650R

    Ando buscando un XR650R.....si andas vendiendo una mandame un PM
  12. 4oshun12

    Looking for an XR650R

    Im in the market for an XR650R, like the title says maybe something already close to race ready, let me know if something is out there
  13. 4oshun12

    Extended swingarm w/ pics

    Here's a few pics of my buddies +3 swingarm for his Raptor
  14. 4oshun12

    CODE Race-Ready 275

    Aver si nos ponomes de acuerdo, para ir a re-correr esta carrera, no estoy seguro si vamos a correr.......
  15. 4oshun12

    CODE Race-Ready 275

    Is anyone going to go and pre-run this thing, Im thinking about racing it, but don't have any ideas of what the course is like. If anyone is interested getting a group let me know.....http://codeoffroad.com.mx/
  16. 4oshun12

    Good spot to watch the 500

    What is a good spot to watch the 500, I just realized that it only a month away, time to get to work on my truck http://www.score-international.com/baja500/index.ihtml
  17. 4oshun12

    Helmet question????

    How old can my helmet be and still pass the SCORE inspections, I got a helmet that is almost three years old
  18. 4oshun12

    Precorrer 021005........

    Vamos a precorrer manana el Jueves, quien quiere ir............
  19. 4oshun12

    Fotos de CODE 250

    Aqui estan unas fotos
  20. 4oshun12

    CODE VW 250 pics

    Heres a few pics