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    chevy 350 exhaust headers

    Anyone know which exhaust headers should one buy when dropping a 350 into a 90 toyota regular cab. The stock ones don't even some close to fitting between the frame rails. I'm building my own engine mounts so have some play room. Thanks
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    Toyota Frame Re-enforcing

    I'm in the process of putting a 350 and t400 into 1990 toyota pickup frame. This truck will be used for racing. How strong are these frames? Should I be plating the frame where the new engine mounts weld on. Should I also be plating the outside and top of the frame to add strength for the upper...
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    driveline vibration

    I'm wondering if anyone knows how much freeplay a rear driveshaft center support bearing should have for a two piece driveshaft. The truck is a 2007 dodge 3500 4x4 diesel, auto transmission. The whole truck has a vibration under load, at any speed, and in all gears except for neutral. The driveshaft...
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    2.5in bypass vs 3in bypass

    Hi there, I'm in the process of building the rear suspension on a 90 toyota 2wd single cab sportsman truck. The truck will be used for race purposes. I've already bought a set of new King 2.5x16 dual rate remote resi coilovers. Now i'm looking at buying the bypass shocks. I've seen alot of...
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    Seat mounting to pass score tech

    How sticky is score tech on there rule of "roll cage bars must be at least 3" in any direction from the driver or co-drivers helmets while they are in there normal driving position." BITD states that any bars that may come into contact with the drivers helmets must be padded. The build is a...
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    uniball on upper link

    Has anyone ever used a uniball on their rear upper link pivots attatching to the frame? What would be the advantages/disadvantages of using this setup as opposed to using heims? What about running uniballs for all the connections on the upper links of a three link? Thanks
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    WIY Trailing Arms

    Anyone seen or used the WIY trailing arm kit made by btf fabrication? Any thoughts? Quality compared to Giant's kit? btf-fabrication.com
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    Score legal Rollcage design

    Okay, So i'm ready to start my cage on what will be a class 7 truck. Truck will be built to score spec. I've done lots of research on the subject just one question left regarding two design styles. Score states: Rollcage must be constructed with at least one front hoop( top of cage to floor)...
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    Oxy-Propane Cutting

    What kind of pressures do you use at the regulators for Oxy-Propane cutting. Is there any different tip requirement? Thanks
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    ford 9 inch width

    Whats the best ford 9 inch width to use on a class 7 truck running 33x10.5x15 tires. Outside of wheel to wheel has to stay below 78inch. Thanks
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    class 6 vs class 7

    Just wondering what the difference between class 6 and 7 is? Class 6 is not listed in the score handbook so i'm not sure. Thanks
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    dimensional drawings

    Is anyone aware of any dimensional drawings with actual numbers for building a-arms and rear link arms? I've found lots of pics out there and would have no problem fabricating the arms but would like some numbers to go off. The application would be for a 1990 toyota pickup 4wd going to 2wd...
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    Hi there, My names Jeff Hiller. From Canmore Alberta Canada. I got into this whole desert deal from going down dirt biking in Baja a few months ago. Had a blast and can't wait to go again. Some friends and myself are in the process of biuildg a class 7 truck right now and can't wait to get it...