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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    2009 Baja !000
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    Share your stories and memories of Casey Folks

    So as most of you know my son Cody Parkhouse was involved in a bad accident at the Baja 1000. Casey being the great person he is calls me on Tuesday after the race to see how my son is doing. It obviously was not one of his races but he cared enough to call and check on us. Monday the week of...
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    The Road the The Mint 400 presented by BFGoodrich Tires

    Keysar wasn't 2nd last year.
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    2015 BITD Henderson 250

    Anyone know what happened to Parkhouse 1532?
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    Attention all Class 1 drivers and teams

    #127 Brian/Cody Parkhouse #128 Brent Parkhouse
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    TT88 into the ditch Video

    I believe this was his first race. Another example on why you should get some practice races in before you take on Baja.
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    Team's plans for 2010

    Parkhouse Motorsports will be racing class 1 & 12 in Score and the Mint 400
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    Guess the racecar contest - Primm 300

    it's parkhouse
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    BS SCORE International

    IRC does check them in Tech. But as happened to us, the units can malfunction. They came by and checked mine in staging and the unit was off. It had blown the fuse. This all happened 10 minutes before we started. They can fail.
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    Get ahold of Steve Myers at IRC. He can send it to you.
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    i have the solution, please disect and tell me where im wrong.....

    Score is going to have to do something along those lines now that they are enforcing the rules. They now need to distribute the track GPS to all the racers and mark all alternative lines.
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    Proper etiquette after a unsportsman like Nerf

    I've been the hitter and the hittee. I normally try and contact someone when I've hit them. Sometimes it has been a hard hit because they have gotten on the brakes right as I'm trying to give them a tap and then it becomes an impact. I always run 1/4" flat steel sticking straight out on the back...
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    Primm 300, Who's Excited

    We're always excited to race and hang at the tree bar. My kid turned 21 on the 2nd and was all excited until he came down with mono. He's still going to race just losing out on the tree bar. PAB I think you owe me a beer.
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    1ST Race

    First race was 1986 Parker 400 in a 5/1600. Built the car my self and had no idea what I was doing. Needless to say did not make it to the Arizona side. I like my class 1 ride a whole lot better.
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    RV Storage space Needed for Chaplain RV

    We have room in Fontana
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    Class 1 Photo

    Here you go
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    Class 1 Photo

    here you go.
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    new member

    Hello my name is ratracer