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  1. yamaducci

    Trailer Color vs. Internal Temperature

    Here on the East coast the color of a trailer doesn't matter much in terms of how hot one gets over the other. But out in the desert I am sure it makes a difference. I am looking for a new trailer that will be used to store my Class 12 out in Arizona or California. Does anyone know the...
  2. yamaducci

    Race Car shipping / hauling.

    Has anyone shipped a race car before? Any recommendations on cross-country shippers? Looking to ship a class 12 from Havasu to Maryland. It seems every shipper has bad reviews/ reputation online.
  3. yamaducci

    Gun / Protection to Baja for Pre-Run and Race?

    So what's the written / un-written rules of bringing a pistol to Baja for protection? What's common for teams to do? I am not sure about other states / countries laws. Do people bring them and just don't talk about it? Do they register it on the way across the border? What happens if you get...
  4. yamaducci

    Chassis Tags

    I am hoping to get the overview of the tagging process and who requires them. I generally know but what's exactly involved? Lets say I buy a used car that has no tags but is supposed to be a Class 1600 or 12 car and I want to race SCORE, SNORE, MORE or BITD. I have heard if you want to race...
  5. yamaducci

    UTV Class Killing all Noob Classes...What to do?

    I know I am not the only one who has thought about this. What has happened to Class 12, Class 5-1600, Class 1/2-1600, Class 9 and even Class 11? The UTV classes currently can't be beat for start-up Teams due to many reasons like Dealer Financing, huge factory and aftermarket product support, low...
  6. yamaducci

    Off Road Racing and Excessive Brain Scar Tissue

    We all know too well that Off-road Racing pretty much beats the shat out of us each race we compete in. But what internal damage does it cause that we don't see? A little story..... Back on November 1'st I woke up with a Total loss of hearing in my left ear for no apparent reason at all. After...
  7. yamaducci

    Pro Buggy To >> Class 10

    What does it take to convert a Pro Buggy to a Class 10 for BITD or SCORE? Besides the obvious; lights, spares, Safety, radio, Parker Pumper, ETC. Are the chassis, skid plates and A-arms as strong on a Stadium Pro Buggy as they are on a Desert Class 10? Is the ride height and suspension travel...
  8. yamaducci

    One Seat or Two Class 1600/10/12 > 400 Miles

    I have been wondering about the opinions and experiences that surround a single seat buggy compared to a two seat buggy; especially for long races. There is a Pro / Con list that come with each. After Racing in a two seat car, I can see the disadvantages of a single seat like no help at all...
  9. yamaducci

    Who Desert Races and lives on the East Coast

    Just trying to find out if there is anyone on the forum who is close to Maryland and traveling like me.
  10. yamaducci

    1600 Car (2000) MPG for V2R

    Just curious, What are the 1600/2000 class cars getting in the way of Milage in V2R? Seems 7-8 MPG would be fair? Has anyone verified Exactly what they have managed to achieve overall? Any known Gas-Hog Sections this year?
  11. yamaducci

    Vegas to Reno Volunteer

    Hello, I wanted to start a thread as I am looking to volunteer with a team for one or two races. I want to learn the Biz of Class 5 or any chassis VW based desert racing. Since I live pretty far away right now (Maryland); I am shooting to volunteer for some of the longer Stateside races...
  12. yamaducci

    Hey Guys I am John and I am looking to voluneer.

    What's Up guys. I am here to look for a team who will pick me up as a volunteer to learn the Biz or desert racing in any VW based Class. Class5, 5-1600, 10 Chassis etc. I would like to start building a car in Maryland to race in Vegas to Reno / Baja. Surely there is a team here that could...