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  1. 4oshun12

    2006 Honda XR650R question

    Here's mine, I love that bike. And a short clip of the sweet sweet sound of the little piggy
  2. 4oshun12

    Pigs Unite!!!

    Here is my little piggy, pre and post race
  3. 4oshun12

    BlueWater GP Video Start

    Nice line at 2:55
  4. 4oshun12

    09' Baja 500 Picks

    Heres a video of Caster/Matlock http://planetpinned.com/play.php?vid=390#middle
  5. 4oshun12

    09' Baja 500 Picks

    Class 20 Jesus Rios Class 21 Shane Esposito/Septien Class 22 Pulling for Henge, but its hard to beat American Honda Class 30 Andy Padulo, he's my boy Class 25 Some guys that race D38, some like Faster or Caster and Matlock Sportsman over 256x, cause thats me. I'm not...
  6. 4oshun12

    CODE San Luis 250

    I think Sportsman is $140 plus $60 for insurance includes 2 riders and $10 for every rider after that.
  7. 4oshun12

    CODE San Luis 250

    Here is a nice little video showing Mr. Childress and myself somewhere in the video I think it is at the 50 second mark YouTube - San Luis CODE 2007 timeracingnews.com
  8. 4oshun12

    rear shock/XR-650

    Call Suspension by Jake, the cheapest I found and he really did a good job 909-680-5564
  9. 4oshun12

    Any "sportsman" riders on this forum?

    We raced MC sportsman, 250, 500 and 1000, I think when you have a group of guys with Baja experience it really helps, PM if you have any questions that I might be able to answer.
  10. 4oshun12

    who will win baja 1000

    APR racing, 280x, we'll be bringing up the rear.
  11. 4oshun12

    Listen to this song and give me your opinion on what its about.

    What she is trying to relay is that her struggle as a nubian sister, has been a long, hard battle. I couldn't understand a word she said.
  12. 4oshun12

    what all do you have to do to your bikes

    I'm sure it would be like racing CODE or SCORE. Say your title five times and you get a headache
  13. 4oshun12

    Dad finds naked boy in daughter's room, hits him with pipe

    I think dad returned the favor, the boyfriend was laying the pipe and he got hit with the pipe.
  14. 4oshun12

    Looking for a Toy Hauler

    Thanks for the input, I'll probably be pulling it with a Silverado.
  15. 4oshun12

    Oils and maintenance

    No filter was cleaned all the time, I think it was more of a clutch going out.
  16. 4oshun12

    Looking for a Toy Hauler

    Yeah I know that it would be, but it's what I have and I will only be traveling locally.
  17. 4oshun12

    Looking for a Toy Hauler

    I'm in the market for a Toy Hauler, what do you think the basic features one should have, it's only for the Familia, I have a 96 Bronco that I plan on pulling it with and would like to spend between 10-15000.
  18. 4oshun12

    Oils and maintenance

    I was using Maxum, but the oil looked like it hard dirt in it, so I went back to Honda
  19. 4oshun12

    Running cooler fuel vs. hot fuel

    It wouldn't hurt to try it, I've had my bike (06 XR650R) vapor lock twice, once on a late afternoon ride and once on a night ride.
  20. 4oshun12

    What are you on?

    Love seeing XR's, there is people that still believe in the BRP, Hey Jimmy saw that short vid of you on YouTube, pretty bad ass. Here is my XR pre and post race