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  1. GlamisGurlie

    Mint 400 race time/day Changes

    I remember SCORE Laughlin when they ran the TTs with the Class 1 - open wheel and closed wheel not a good combo. Granted, it was a hugely different course. Pat, thoughts about heavy closed wheel vs light open wheel contact?
  2. GlamisGurlie

    Whelp, that's a wrap... thank you everyone :)

    I received a call from BITD in September that they are going in a new direction and will not need me anymore. Just like that, I was done. I am beyond thankful for Casey answering my phone call inquiring about volunteering 15 years ago this past October (never had been to an off-road race EVER)...
  3. GlamisGurlie

    Pirate's Cove presents the Knotty Pine 250

    Love me some Caliente!!
  4. GlamisGurlie

    Mint 400 & UTVWC Independent in 2020

    I'm not sure why you think it's fake. An original Mint course was down at Jean. As you know, Don Wall and I secretly put everything together to bring this race back and we did it, so I do know a smidge about the history. Everyone remembers the north course the most, but the south course was...
  5. GlamisGurlie

    KOH peeps - another way to help Pistol's family...

    Donate to a great cause and enter for a Stage 3 audio kit. Stop by Rockford Fosgate at the 4 Wheel Parts - Riverside booth during King of The Hammers Feb. 2-8. On Jan. 18th Pete Sohren – a staple in the off-road community – was killed in an accident while preparing for a race. All proceeds go...
  6. GlamisGurlie

    An open plea to Martelli bros., BITD or anyone willing to make a change

    They would absolutely listen if I were the one wearing the vest :) Also, they would never get in there in the first place with the dog or a pass not physically adhered or any other shenanigans. Either take the dog home or give me your pass - sorry, but we have enforced rules and you're not...
  7. GlamisGurlie

    Miss mint

    There was and it was also the City of Las Vegas First Friday Event that utilizes that area
  8. GlamisGurlie

    2017 BITD Parker 425 Presented by Impact..... Pit 4 Mineral Wash

    In 2.5 weeks-ish, the Parker 425 will be upon us once again. And once again, I will be the Pitler/Hostess/Chefette up there. I just got off the phone with Lee of Banning Motorsports and he is once again graciously donating the best chicken and carne asada I've ever had - anyone who was up...
  9. GlamisGurlie

    Another Race - Another Fire While Pitting!!

    Ahhh, I see. I see a lot of fuel being spilled when pitting at every bike/quad race when fueling - with catch alls underneath, of course. You'd be surprised how many teams don't use dry brake systems. Just makes me uneasy with it running watching that happen.
  10. GlamisGurlie

    Another Race - Another Fire While Pitting!!

    Personally, I would like to see the bikes and quads shut off when fueling.
  11. GlamisGurlie

    Another Race - Another Fire While Pitting!!

    I experienced this firsthand not once, but twice, at V2R. The first one was one truck over from me, the second I was walking by with a crew member from another team to find their car when it lit off - and he got 2nd degree burns on his legs. Both were UTV teams. The second fire, the dump can...
  12. GlamisGurlie

    Passing of Mel Larson

    The first time I met Mr. Larson... I was nervous LOL. Godspeed...
  13. GlamisGurlie

    Blue Water Desert Challenge Entry List.

    I remember when SCORE used to do that at the LDC - open wheel cars with the trucks was a disaster. They then switched to separate heats.
  14. GlamisGurlie

    New Tracking for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno - Order NOW!

    I'm actually a pit captain LOL. If I need to follow my vehicle, that means that somebody liked it more than me haha
  15. GlamisGurlie

    New Tracking for the Best in the Desert Vegas to Reno - Order NOW!

    Dave, is it to just a BITD central location (scoring trailer or whatever at the start/finish) or will the pit captains be included as well?
  16. GlamisGurlie

    Off road in Baja...some say is good....some say is bad !!

    The City of Ensenada pays for the race to be there. The businesses there profit greatly, but I'm not sure what the tax base is there so not sure what the City's revenue from that is. I could see "the City" not making money after everything they have to pay for before and after the event...
  17. GlamisGurlie

    Go-Fund Me for Xander Hendricks (8 year old who was killed)

    I'm bawling too. The strength and love this man has for his family, Jesus and life is incredible. He gives ready forgiveness and compassion for the drivers and their families that is so pure and real as well. What an amazing family. Such a tragedy for everyone involved. Godpseed, Xander.
  18. GlamisGurlie

    Just Announced: Toyota Signs B.J. Baldwin!

    I miss the Rob Mac's Hair page!!!!
  19. GlamisGurlie

    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Bob "The Weatherman"'s voice is like a security blanket for me, whether stateside or in Baja. When SCORE had the Primm race, I would be the only course worker out there on the Boulder City side of the course during the race, the lone ranger. I was never alone - I had the Weatherman's voice. I...
  20. GlamisGurlie

    2016 SCORE Baja 500

    Anybody know if they are holding the handlebars at CK 4 and stopping them there are letting them go on once everyone started?