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  1. 5280Ranger

    Any Colorado (Denver area) based teams looking for volunteer help?

    I've been working with a team that runs TT and short course but due to the owner's personal commitments we haven't been racing much lately. I'd love to help out with your desert, short course or KOH effort. Volunteer of course. I have mechanical and fabrication experience and a good driving...
  2. 5280Ranger

    UTV results?

    Any results posted online? Not on Ultra 4. I've only seen the winner so far. How'd everyone else do?
  3. 5280Ranger

    re-posting classified ad after expiration date

    I posted a long ad and thought I had the truck sold as the ad expired. Now it's gone. Is there a way to re-post the original ad or am I stuck rewriting, uploading pics etc. Did I mention it was long?
  4. 5280Ranger

    R.Acer, it's just getting weird now

    I followed him on fb cause I thought the whole charity thing in baja was cool. the only things I see him posting about now are racing Ferraris and sponsoring struggling models in Italy. What gives? And still doing it in full superhero racer costume? Will he ever reveal his deeply guarded plan to...
  5. 5280Ranger

    Is Dirt Sports out of business?

    Did I miss something? I haven't received an issue since May, their phone is disconnected and they wont return emails.
  6. 5280Ranger

    regular cab ranger cage

    I'm designing a cage for a '88 ranger standard cab. I'm trying to be BITD compliant but at 6'1 and over 200# I don't think I can get 3" clearance between my cage and helmet. I've seen the B pillar hoop mounted outside the cab. Is this a good idea? If not what else can I do. Pics would be helpful.
  7. 5280Ranger

    f 150 beams into ranger

    I know it's been asked before, and the answer has always been "search for it". I have tried to find it and can't. If anyone has a link for me I would appreciate it. If not, does anyone know? It's for an 88 2 wheel drive that I'm building for the local short course and occasional romps in the...
  8. 5280Ranger

    Hello from Colorado

    5280Ranger (that's feet above sea level). Starting a ranger build and need to ask some questions. Looking forward to the help. Not so much the bashing!