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  1. bean dip

    Soboba Gran Prix

    Anybody going to the GP next weekend?
  2. bean dip

    Soboba GP

    Who's going this year? It's next weekend.
  3. bean dip

    95 F150 Crew Cab Chaserunner project.

    Post it with pics so everyone can see how far along it come.
  4. bean dip

    95 F150 Crew Cab Chaserunner project.

    Any updates Rusty?
  5. bean dip

    Changing bolt patterns, is it worth it?

    I have a Chevy prerunner with 5X5 bolt pattern, what are the pros and cons of changing to 5X5.5 or 6X5.5? What do you guys think?
  6. bean dip

    Help with my 04 Silverado

    There not screwing with you, US Customs, at the port, can be a pain!
  7. bean dip

    95 F150 Crew Cab Chaserunner project.

    Its looking good Brother!
  8. bean dip

    Pico's 98 bug prerunner

    Wow, that a very sick car! The front end looks like an F150. Hours and hours of some very awesome craftsmanship!
  9. bean dip

    95 F150 Crew Cab Chaserunner project.

    Looking good Rusty, its gonna look even better with some Method's!
  10. bean dip

    2000 Yamaha Banshee

    Everything, Trail, desert and maybe Glamis.
  11. bean dip

    2000 Yamaha Banshee

    I just scored a 2000 Banshee for free, it needs work but i'm sure you figured that out. Can you guys give me some ideas as far as up grades, its all stock. It was a complete mess when i brought it home. I pressured washed it, then removed most of the plastic, pressured washed again and took off...
  12. bean dip

    Groves's new racer t t

  13. bean dip

    R1 Rhino rolls 7 times at Soboba leap

    Check it out! He was ok.
  14. bean dip

    Daily Driver Bronco with Ultimate bolt-on coilover install.

    That's a very nice Bronco.
  15. bean dip

    my cantilever

    What did that set you back, if you dont mind me asking?
  16. bean dip

    my cantilever

    I would love a setup like that for my Bronco.
  17. bean dip

    my cantilever

    Thats a very nice setup. Did they design and build everything?
  18. bean dip

    Cool article on yahoo

    There have to be 20-40 what if's here. Imy opionon the biggest would have to be, what if people would have stayed back from the course and thought of safty first. When i almost killed myself in a dirt bike accident i took full responsibility for my own actions. Like i said there have to be at...