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  1. M.Harvey1600

    Possible ProAm forged 1600 specific wheel.

    Wanted to get a feel from other 1600 drivers/teams. Roy Dehban CEO of ProAm Racing Products is considering building a 1600 specific FORGED wheel. General Specs: 15x5" wheel 205x10 stud pattern(VW Wide 5) Non-beadlock Offset-undecided Weight between 11-13 lbs each Cost around $350 each CNC...
  2. M.Harvey1600

    Photographers at the MORE Ballsout 250

    What photographers were out there? I saw: Phil kaos John Lacey Dezert wife Prospectator Msolmsphoto Trackside was there but they have not posted up any buggy pics yet I'm looking for the photographers up in COLLEGE HILLS? I went through there pretty hard. I'm sure there are quit a few good...
  3. M.Harvey1600

    Looking for Info on this car???

    Its been for sale for a while in the RDC classifieds. Its an Amplified Chassis and looks an awful lot like the car Adam Phankuch won Laughlin in a while ago before he had the Mirage chassis. It is still listed in my favorites but I can not open up the details, I'm trying to contact the...
  4. M.Harvey1600

    Classifieds ques.???

    I still have this ad in my favorites but I cant access it: I am trying to get a hold of the seller currently any help would be much appreciated... You can post here, PM, or Email me at [email protected]
  5. M.Harvey1600

    BAP Results???

    Does anyone have official results... nothing is listed on the site yet Looking for all classes but mainly looking for: Class 1600 obviously I know it went: 1688-Luke Mcmillin 1634-Curt Geer 1619- "Bean" 1623-Jason Coleman Class 1??? Class 10??? and Class 12??? Great...
  6. M.Harvey1600

    Looking for Pics and Video of #1069 from BITD Parker 425

    Hey Photogs and Spectators looking for pics/videos of #1069 from this last weekend? We had an awesome race and pulled out the win. Really want some memorabilia from this win. Especially with so many cars in class. been checking out all the photogs sites but have not found to many pics of...
  7. M.Harvey1600

    >>>OFFICIAL BAP Update Thread<<<

    Hey everybody that is at the race, could you guys please keep us losers that are stuck at home updated??? Thank You, I hate having so much homework that I am unable to be there.
  8. M.Harvey1600

    Harvey Motorsports ES Motorsports/PORTER 1600 Rebuild

    Okay June 24, 2006 I wrecked the first PORTER 1600 that Danny Porter and Billy Gasper ever built. It was a terrible crash. I hit a truck and trailer that was stuck on the race course surrounded by a huge cloud of dust. I never had a chance to touch the brakes, 4th gear pinned to a dead stop...
  9. M.Harvey1600

    2011 DRIVE race schedule???

    So Doug or anyone at DRIVE have any idea what the dates might be next season? I understand that with the previous set backs this year it has been difficult to obtain permits, but hopefully DRIVE will have a solid season full of races \m/
  10. M.Harvey1600

    2010 MORE Powder Puff Starting Order!!! Go get them girls

    <<<Starting order Group 1 Morning start>>> Class 5 1. #5016 Maile KaHananui-pope 2. #5011 Ann Anderson 3. #549 Emme Hall 4. #568 Brandi Hernandez 5. #505 nicole Garavito 6. #5090 Cynthia Lazeney 7. #504 Sue Baeskens 8. #5150 Bev Adams 9. #500 Harley Shane 10. #511 Kristina Dague 11. #541 Andria...
  11. M.Harvey1600

    for you DIRT BIKERS that want to contribute to fastAID!!!

    check out what Dirt Digits produced!!! 95% of all sales goes directly to FastAID!!! LINK http://www.dirtdigits.com/productcart/pc/viewPrd.asp?idproduct=24109&idcategory=241 MODS please dont move this thread... there is one going in the BIKE forum, there are a lot of racers that also ride so...
  12. M.Harvey1600

    just saw JrSyko on espn x-games classic

    was watching X-Games classic tonight and saw JrSyko on the tube when Pastrana went down in MX big air during his 720 attempt from 2009... pretty cool stuff
  13. M.Harvey1600

    Need some help guys!

    hows it going everyone. I am writing an ETHICS paper in regards to the ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACTS OF OFF-ROAD RACING all I am asking from La Familia is to list benefits and positive aspects that go along with Desert racing. since it is an ETHICS paper it is basically all opinions needed. I...
  14. M.Harvey1600

    parts available

    If anybody is looking for some Foddrill 2degree double sheared Combo spindles I am selling 2 sets... PM me for details... I am selling a lot of my spare parts so I can get back racing... so please help me out
  15. M.Harvey1600

    YouthAIDS benefit from the DRVIE GrandPrix Sept. 19th

    Sorry everybody that i didnt get back on sooner to announce how well we did to raise money for this cause... i started school that following week and it has been hectic... already in midterms week... not much time for race-dezert right now...:( sorry First off I would like to give a big...
  16. M.Harvey1600

    <<< a few pieces of Damen Jefferies History in the classifieds>>>

    Came across these old magazines when i was re-doing my shop yesterday and remembered seeing both of these cars for sale so i thought i would post them up!!! HOT VW's Sept 1997 >>Damens 1997 Toyota True grit/Score 1600/Score Overall Points Championship Jimco 1600 Its sad to see his...
  17. M.Harvey1600

    ***happy fathers day***

    just thought i should start a thread wishing all the dads out there a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! i for one know that i wouldn't be racing if it wasn't for my dad, grandfather, and my mother also but this is my dads day! sorry mom u already had urs... love ya POP!!! and thanks for everything u've...
  18. M.Harvey1600

    ~~~OFFICIAL MORE oraf 500 results posted~~~

  19. M.Harvey1600

    hubs for a 1600 car!!!

    ive been going back and forth on getting proam, folts or CNC hubs!!! so heres my question... wut do u prefer for front hubs, CNC or ProAm? single piston front calipers or double? rear microstub hubs, Pro Am, Folts, or CNC? just need a little back feed so i can finally make up my...
  20. M.Harvey1600

    Grove racing trophy truck in the classifieds:confused:

    i cant believe that the new porter truck is for sale already they just picked it up a few months ago and its already for sale... wut gives?:confused: http://www.race-dezert.com/cgi-bin/trader/atl.cgi?ct=5&md=second&id=8112