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    Volunteers needed for MDR race

    Because so many of our volunteers are taking their vacations this week, we are seeking volunteers (guys and gals) to help with the MDR MOJAVE 200 race on Aug. 14. We need check point personnel, road crossers, spotters, rovers, timers, etc. Please contact me via e-mail, and I will call you with...
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    Fraud targets SCORE's site

    Fraud targets SCORE\'s site I am hoping that I am not repeating a previous post, but even if I am, I hope this will serve as a reminder. On the SCORE site, I advertised my class 10 car for sale, also, a type 1 motor, and a Mendeola 4 speed. An e-mail was sent to me recently regarding my car...
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    Yes, I know that the question of racing insurance has come up many times...but this post is a little different. I will be racing Laughlin and Parker, and will have as a co-driver, an Australian rally and off-road racer, who will fly from Australia to the U.S. to help me drive. In Australia...
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    keeping up the strength

    I will be racing my class 10 car at the BITD Nevada 1000. I plan to drive the full 1000 miles. The race will take place over a period of three days. Normally, after a one day race, I loose around 5 to 7 pounds...and for me, thats a lot! I need to keep up my strength, and keep the weight ON...
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    defeat at Baja 500

    For those who came back from the 500, defeated, this is a clip from from a news letter written by John's co-driver... "There isn’t much to be learned from winning, winning is the culmination or payoff for had work and attention to details, few things are learned in winning. But how people...
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    I need a large screen GPS for the Nevada 1000. I would like some recommendations for a good, yet simple to understand unit. How much do they run??? I will need to mail order it since I probably won't get a chance to go shopping for one, and it needs to be sent directly to my chassis builder...
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    Off-Road Racing class

    I was asked by our local middle school to teach a four day course on Off-Road Racing. I will have FOUR hours to fill. I thought about safety issues, equipment, videos, maybe even tire changing (if their safety rules will allow it). Any other ideas? Bad Ass Toys Aren't Just For Boys!!!
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    testing in Barstow

    TAVIS RACING (from N. Ca.) will be testing in Barstow tomorrow (Sunday March 10th) Bad Ass Toys Aren't Just For Boys!!!
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    Patricia Williams of MDR has asked me to post this: "MDR has contracted for the 6th season with ALL RACE TECH AND SAFETY, (A.R.T.S.), for Tech Inspection for the MDR 2002 season." Have a fun, successful, and safe 2002 race season!!!!!! Terrie Bad Ass...
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    Reservations for Parker

    I just called to make the reservations for my team at Parker. I called just about every hotel (there may be a couple I didn't know about), and they're all booked, except the Stardust hotel. They have two "3 bed" rooms left (at $90 each). The number is (928) 669-2278. You can also try a...
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    New class 10 rules

    There has been some controversy over the new class 10 motor changes. Today, SCORE finalized the changes. A two seat car with an air cooled motor can move up to 2000cc...not 2050 as orginally stated. Also, the restrictor plate that was mandated for the water cooled motors will NOT go into...
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    testing @ Barstow

    We would like to know if anyone will be testing at Barstow on Thanksgiving weekend (Th-Sun). Would be beneficial if there is another car out there besides us. Thanks...
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    Calif 200

    The Calif 200 was my first night race. I found it rather difficult. It was probably a combination of things, but mostly the dust. I would say that for at least 60% of the race, I simply could not see through the dust. Is this typical at night? I had my HID's mounted on the hood of my...
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    Ridgecrest Pics

    Pardon me for taking up space for this, but I'd like to add an action pic of my car (yellow, class 10, #1016) from the Ridgecrest race, to my website. Would there be someone out there that happens to have a pic of it? If so, I would be happy to give you the credit for taking it. Thankyou...