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    Tony T's Top Tips

    You'd be surprised how much you can learn hanging with the "old folks!" LMAO. See ya there TT.
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    Perfect Weather for Racing!

    THANK YOU ASITool. See you out there.
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    Perfect Weather for Racing!

    Where can I get info on the race tomorrow? Who is putting it on? Thanks in advance.
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    Baja Jones & Clare The Bear And Blm

    I hope you people are paying attention. This is AGAIN a disgrace to the off-road racing community. It's actually a CRIME, committed by local racing teams. PLEASE clean up your act before there is no more racing in Nevada.
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    Off Road Covergirl

    Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Pitel from Total Chaos for her cover shot on the DirtSports Retailer magazine this month. Awesome Nicole, awesome!
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    What is your excuse? I’ve got mine.

    Yeah, yeah, we all have the same story. Don't buy it for a moment. Slackers I tell you, slackers, LMAO!
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    Dezert People Triple Down won best offroad category at the Xtremey's!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS again! It was great to be there and see you guys take the GOLD! Can't wait for the next video. ~Your cheering section~
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    Balls Out 250 Picks

    Good luck to all the racers, I'll be here working on your tax returns so you can keep racing. Go WAYNE! DC, stop sleeping...........:)
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    Well, excuuuuuuuse me! ;)

    Daryl, I believe you and I have thoroughly discussed this matter, but just the title of this post is going to lead people to believe something other than what you meant. It's really hard to post something on the internet and have everyone agree on its meaning. Good luck, see you at the races.
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    Who reads the papers?

    I've been getting lots of emails about your post. Perhaps you should read it again and really think about it. There are lots of people I deal with on a daily basis that either don't have a computer or don't go on the internet. They still look forward to their monthly off-road newspapers and...
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    Parker Qualifying . . .

    CONGRATULATIONS to Davis Motor Sports! Glad to see you guys back up on top! Wish I could have been there. Congratulations to the other winners and finishers too: Tommy Bradley, Aaron Dixon, Billy Robertson/Stuart Chase, Jim Dizney, Curt LeDuc, and last but certainly not least Chuck...
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    Monster trucks,

    Ok, I know Dan, thanks for the info. I wanted to make sure it wasn't a different Dan you were talking about, Brian's uncle.
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    Monster trucks,

    Who is Dann? Thanks.
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    Monster trucks,

    Bummer, I hoped Brian had done well. Better luck next time.
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    MORE Champions

    Just a quick CONGRATULATIONS to Class 10 Champion WAYNE NOSALA and to Writer of the Year ANN DONALDSON. What a great couple they make. Keep up the good work both of you! PS Also congratulations to Wayne Nosala for the CORE Driver of the Year! I know how hard it is to be around Ann when...
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    SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge

    Awesome work Jason, you're working your way to the top quite quickly!
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    SCORE Laughlin Desert Challenge

    CONGRATULATIONS Chris, good job.
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    Laughlin: Who's Going? Wheres the Party?

    We aren't closing down the bar like Primm are we Jeff? See you there!
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    Pflueger Pfouled!

    Well said. It's a DQ offense PERIOD. It was admitted and it should be drilled into every chase person's head, NEVER to do it again. Done, over. No them vs. us, everyone, take heed. And have a nice day.
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    NASA style fueling operation

    Right on Mark. Congratulations to you and Ryan; excellent job!!