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    Weather Man

    My plan for tomorrow night... 1) Transmit the internet feed through VHF radio from my office. 2) Drag extension cord to a DC power supply and setup my mobile race radio in the backyard. 3) Drag cooler of Tecate/Pacifico/Sol/Corona and folding chair out next to radio. 4) Light bonfire and...
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    Baja 1000 Twitter hashtag: #Baja1000

    Whitewater49 on twitter. I be using #Baja1000
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    How would you rate the 2008 Baja 1000?

    I too had a great time, no problems going in through TJ and no problems going out through Mexicali. San Felipe was friendly as always and all the locals we encountered were friendly and accomodating. Unfortunately some hot head A-hole with a certain stock full team decided to sucker punch my...
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    Anyone Available???

    oh ****, if they are pitting for Pistol I've got it covered! It might be crowded with 7 of us in one vehicle so tell em to stop at a gas station and clean up before hand... J/K. I'll call you tomorrow.
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    Caravan to the 1000

    I may be interested, will be in a passenger van with 3 others, plan is to head to San Felipe but we might just call it good in Borrego.
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    Baja 1000 Prerun PHOTOS!!

    argh!!! I just can't figure out where I want to post up to watch the action from! So much good [email protected]
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    Anyone Available???

    WAIT! 11AM, I meant 11AM not PM. If I don't get out of there until 11PM I'll be headed towards San Felipe instead.
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    Anyone Available???

    I've got some room for maybe 2 in a van leaving from San Diego around 11PM on Thursday. PM me if this helps.
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    San Felipe for the 1000

    My only real memory of it was 3 years ago. Just remember a bunch of real drunk people doing stupid things, was hot and dusty (surprise, surprise). I know it's not that bad, just was that day I suppose.
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    San Felipe for the 1000

    Borrego the turd hole. I'll probably be there too, at least for awhile.
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    VORRA Site back up

    where is the VORRA site now? my google now takes me to Virginia something or antoher.
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    Another Caravan thread for the 2008 B1K

    Crossing on the 20th sometime around between 9AM and noon, heading to Ensenada, probably go through Tijuana, will be driving a huge F250 with expensive motorcycles, rolexes and tons of cash money on our persons! Well the time is right anyway.
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    possible spam: sponsor #2 for $100 and get a chance to ride the entire vegas cup.....

    Re: possible spam: sponsor #2 for $100 and get a chance to ride the entire vegas cup. hell I'll pay $100 just to try and somehow swindle Lance out of his seat. Doubt I could actually make it down for the race but stranger things have happened.
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    BS booby traps

    They will care when an injured riders crew catches up with them. These guys are low life cowards, anonymously preying on the unsuspecting in hopes of carnage so that they can feed their egos and/or wallets by filming it. If they are no longer anonymous and can be linked with a damaged vehicle...
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    2008 BAJA 500 updates

    Let Weatherman decide which questions are stupid, I trust his judgement 100%
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    2008 BAJA 500 updates

    He's got better gear than everyone else.
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    the most under-rated driver?? who is it??

    Another vote for Sam Berri
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    Coco Needs Help.

    so where is the paypal info? I'm ready to donate just don't know where.
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    1 Race

    Baja 1000 Baja 1000 Baja 1000 Best bang for your buck!
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    Photos from 4-05-08 VORRA

    Damn! A few of us were wondering why he wasn't out there last weekend. Get well man!