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    Off Road Covergirl

    Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Nicole Pitel from Total Chaos for her cover shot on the DirtSports Retailer magazine this month. Awesome Nicole, awesome!
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    MORE Champions

    Just a quick CONGRATULATIONS to Class 10 Champion WAYNE NOSALA and to Writer of the Year ANN DONALDSON. What a great couple they make. Keep up the good work both of you! PS Also congratulations to Wayne Nosala for the CORE Driver of the Year! I know how hard it is to be around Ann when...
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    Off Roader Birthday

    Just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to WAYNE NOSALA today! My computer has been down and I finally got it up and running. Have a great day Wayne and many more!
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    Misconceptions by uninformed people

    Well since the thread that started innocently about "what a Flatbiller is", is now locked I wanted to make one statement in Tony Tellier's (and the rest of the CheeZers') defense. Tony has been helping me with the articles for the MDR races all year long. If he didn't help me you would get no...
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    Chaser Birthday!

    Just wanted to wish Damon from Riviera Racing Team a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! You'd know him by the truck, black Ford 4x4 prerunner. Have fun in Crandon!!
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    RDC Birthday

    A very HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to RDC's own Paul K. today!!!!!
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    Remember you are being watched at all times!!

    For those who receive San Diego Off Road Magazine or for those who don't, there is a large article (2 pages) in there about "Ocotillo Wells and the Prerunner Problem" Check out the parts in bold print "There is trail etiquette that is commonly practiced at Ocotillo Wells but the Prerunner...
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    Who stole my STARS!!!!!!

    Hey WTF, I'm home sick and some SOB steals my starz!! That sucks. Thanks, I'll find out who did it and don't expect to see your name in the paper. And have a nice day.
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    Parker Contingency Participants

    SPONSORS: I am trying to finalize the Parker 400 Contingency Row and anyone wishing to participate PLEASE contact me as soon as possible. RACERS: After all the contingency information has been finalized and compiled I will provide it. Phone 626-653-2023 Fax 626-653-2024 Email...
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    Parker Contingency

    If you are interested in having your company at the Parker 400 Contingency on Friday, January 25, 2002 and you have not yet been contacted or have not yet received information on it, please feel free to contact me for the details and to get you set up. THANK YOU, I look forward to hearing from...
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    Belated Birthday!

    Just a quick HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated) to Race-dezert's own JOHN BITTING!!! Hope your birthday was awesome, many more happy ones!! Sc
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    MDR Kartek race facts

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners and participants in the MDR KarTek 400! It was a long HOT day and just finishing was a major victory!! Great job by the MDR staff and A.R.T.S., along with guest Tech Director from FUD/CODE. RACERS please send me your race facts and stories if I didn't get to...
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    C'mon you racers!!! I've already received more responses from the SNORE racers than the regular MDR racers. Send those race facts ASAP!! THANKS SO MUCH! Sc
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    MDR Ridgecrest 300

    CONGRATULATIONS to all the WINNERS and PARTICIPANTS in the MDR Ridgecrest 300 this past Saturday. PLEASE be sure to send me your race facts, stories and information so I can finish the article on the race ASAP!!! The sooner the better, I'm off to Estero Beach this weekend to cover that event...