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    Team C AWD

    I thought Bryce was buying it? Economy slowing down? Was surprised to see it in the classifieds.
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    Close Call

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    855 at Snore 250 Race

    If anybody knows who 855 is or can contact them we have his spare tire that fell off the truck, I'm sure he wants it back. Thanks.
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    Robby Gordon Okay??

    I heard that Robby Gordon threw away the hummer while testing and hurt himself. Anybody have any info if he is racing Primm?
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    500 Question

    How do the bike guys especially the sportsman riders find the finish? You have no course markers, no gps, people throwing rocks at you and dressed as course workers trying to drive you off a cliff.
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    Steve Hengeveld

    Does anybody know if he still with factory Honda? And why he isn't on Johnny Campbell racing?
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    Laughlin Drawing

    Does anybody have the results?
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    89 F-150 4wd

    I have an 89 F-150 4WD and would like to keep it that way. I can't afford Camburg and I know the McNeils have a kit that I'v heard good things about. Any other companies out there?
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    Andy Grider

    Does anybody know if Andy is racing the 500?
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    Stunt Driver

    Does anybody have any info on what it takes to be a stunt driver? I'm a doing a paper on it and can't find much info. There was an article on the CNN site but thats it. If you attend one of those schools is it hard to find work? Can you make a living doing this? Thanks for the help.
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    Parking in El Centro Area

    Is there any place to park a car overnight in El Centro? Meeting my parents there on the way to San Felipe?
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    Storker Kits

    I have a 302 and was wondering if anyone could recommend any stroker kits?
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    Single Seat vs 2 seat

    I saw the post about BJ's crash and was wondering if you think single seat drivers are better? They can't read the GPS and don't have anybody giving them a heads up. What do you think?
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    Jesse Jones 8 truck

    Anybody know what happened to the old JJ 8 truck?
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    Hi I'm new here and saying hi.