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  1. DPpatrol

    Roll Center; Exactly what is it???

    The geometric roll center height of a leaf spring live axle is found by drawing a line from the forward leaf spring bushing to the bushing where the shackle mounts to the frame. A vertical line is drawn from the center of the tire contact patch up. The roll center height is the height at which...
  2. DPpatrol

    Shock PSI

    You get cavitation when the pressure inside the shock drops below the vapor pressure of the shock oil. Elevated temperatures lower the vaper pressure. Keeping the oil pressurised, for example by nitrogen, helps keep the oil above vapor pressure.
  3. DPpatrol

    Shock PSI

    The reason increasing the nitrogen pressure affects the handling is because like Kris said, increasing nitrogen pressure increases the rod force, or in other words makes the shock want to extend. It is kind of like a preload. The higher the pressure the higher this force. What Kris is saying...
  4. DPpatrol

    Spindle Bearing Retention

    This is a good point. Though quite rare, every failure I have seen of a bearing retainer was due to an improperly manufactured retainer or improperly installed retaining ring. Jason
  5. DPpatrol

    Spindle Bearing Retention

    Assuming the shock goes to the lower arm, the horizontal loads on the upper ball joint should be greater than the vertical loads. On the lower arm it would be difficult to say because since the shock is mounted to the lower arm, the lower ball joint is seeing much more vertical load than the...
  6. DPpatrol

    Spindle Bearing Retention

    I would guess brake and shock loads would still be higher than the loads from the 4wd, but that is only an educated guess. Jason
  7. DPpatrol

    carb or EFI on 22r motor

    What are you're plans for the vehicle? Daily driver? Race Truck? Weekend warrior? jason
  8. DPpatrol

    Grinding Tungsten Electrodes

    Tim, I have never even heard of a gas lens till you mentioned it, so I checked out some information on it on the internet and it seems like a pretty trick little part. Has anybody else used them or have anything to say about their use? Any situations where is excels or is worse than a standard...
  9. DPpatrol

    blind nuts

    Genuine Aircraft Hardware: jason
  10. DPpatrol

    Source for 6061 plate

    Try Coast Aluminum. 1-800-219-7881 jason
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    F911 Bolts

    Does anyone know price wise how these bolts compare to aircraft bolts? jason
  12. DPpatrol

    Web Browsers

    I agree with Chuck. Opera is awesome and has been awesome for years, but paying for a browser when Firefox is free sucks. If non-ad opera was free...
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    Another Controversial THREAD that should be LOCKED tight!

    NASA 1228 jason
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    Sway bar designs that you can adjust while driving?

    If you havent already, take a closer look at that kinetic system that ScottF posted recently and Bob Sheaves posted a while ago. I believe it acomplishes exactly what you are all looking for, roll resistance but at the same time no increased resistance to articulation and single wheel movement...
  15. DPpatrol

    Nicky Hayden wins USGP

    I was fortunate to be at Seca for the race weekend. The race was awesome, best road race I have ever been to. Watching Nicky dominate practice and qualifing, and then lead every lap of the race was cool. Americans in first and second place, what more could you want. Edwards pass on Rossi was...
  16. DPpatrol

    Grand Prix of Monaco

    In response to Schumacher bein slow, the new Ferrari/Bridgestone combo just isn't up to par with the other car/tire combos at the moment. Only 3 teams (and only 1 legitimate team, Ferrari) run Bridgestones and everyone else runs Michelins. This used to work in favor of Ferrari in that they got...
  17. DPpatrol

    Suspension design books?

    Wow, I just checked the price online of WinGeo and I never realized it is a $345 program. It is installed on the computers on campus, so I had no idea it was that expensive. jason
  18. DPpatrol

    Suspension design books? jason
  19. DPpatrol

    Suspension design books?

    Tune to Win by Carroll Smith is a good overall view of suspension/vehicle dynamics book. Race Car Vehicle Dynamics by Milliken and Milliken concentrates on the actual equations which govern vehicle motion. Both are my favorites, however they have nothing really to say about off-road setup. I...
  20. DPpatrol

    Question on new F1 rule?????

    From FIA F1 rules: "Quantity and type of tyres : a) During the Event no driver may use more than four sets of dry-weather tyres, four sets of wetweather tyres and three sets of extreme-weather tyres. If a driver change is made during an Event the tyres allocated to the original driver must...