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  1. sickdayz

    There's a new Dick in town..."]
  2. sickdayz

    VORRA Yerington 2011

    Did someone say it was June???
  3. sickdayz

    Fox By-pass tube oil flow

    I know that the by-pass tubes can only flow so much oil. The area between the valve and the side wall is only so big as well as the area where the tube is connected to the main shock cylinder. Does anyone have any test results that show how many turns out with the valve screw would equal max...
  4. sickdayz

    33" or 35" tires???

    I wasn’t sure where to post this, so I thought “suspension” would be a good place. I have a small class 1 car that a race in the VORRA series. I have plenty of motor (about 500hp) and the 2D with 930 CVs and axles. I have been racing this setup for over 2 years and have only broken the axles...
  5. sickdayz

    Fox bypass valve replacement

    I have 4 tube fox shox all the way around my buggy. It is set up pretty good right now. But…, it sucks though the small choppy stuff almost rips my lungs loose. When I set it up, I plugged the bleed holes, so I could use the upper stage as a bump stop. I want to replace the short rebound tube...
  6. sickdayz

    Lucas Primm-Driver list

    Is anything available that shows who has signed up to race on the 4th and 5th?
  7. sickdayz

    April 4-5 in Primm - Double the fun...

    Not only will Lucas Oil Off Road Racing be there, but so will Supermoto. Check out the link :D
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    Hello, my name is Shannon

    I grew up in Tucson and have been playing in the desert forever. I currently live in northern California and drive 8 hours to go racing (yes, it sucks). I plan to move back down to SoCal in a couple years, when my kids are out of school. I just started racing in the MDR series and love it. I...