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  1. DPpatrol

    F1 2005 Preceptions/Predictions

    All right, most of the teams have released their new cars or at least the cars they will be starting the season with. Anyone have any first thoughts about the cars or predictions for this season? If you havent seen the new cars yet has alot of pics. I'll get the ball rolling...
  2. DPpatrol

    Williams Front End, F1

    Anyone get a glance of the 2004 Williams F1 car? Talk about a wild front end... Not far enough along in the fluids classes yet to know what I think about it... jason
  3. DPpatrol

    Rally Cross

    I'm looking to race my truck at the May 18 Rallycross event, but it looks like there are no classes for turbo vehicles. Am I reading this right or is my turbo toyota illegal to race? jason
  4. DPpatrol

    funny stuff

    Not related to the desert, but what ever.
  5. DPpatrol

    Center of Gravity

    OK, this question is probably geared toward the engineers, but I'm sure a few of the fabricators will be able to answer this. How does one calculate a cars center of gravity? Also how does one calculate the car's "mass centroid axis"? In what I have read so far, much of the varibles which...
  6. DPpatrol

    Toyota Differentials

    Does anybody have any experiance with toyota electric lockers? jason
  7. DPpatrol

    Help! My Motor is Seized!

    Well, I finally got my truck all together, but went I went to start my supposedly recently rebuilt 22r-te, the motor wouldn't turn over. The damn thing is seized. The motor hasn't been run since last june and got rained on a few nights when the rain surprised me before I could cover it. The...
  8. DPpatrol

    Drive shaft

    Anyone know where I can get a driveshaft shortened in the Carlsbad, San Diego, Southern CA area? jason
  9. DPpatrol

    San Diego Expo

    Anybody going to the San Diego off-road expo this weekend? jason
  10. DPpatrol

    Toyota Wiring Diagrams

    Does anybody have any wiring diagrams for 89-95 toyota pickups? I specifically need diagrams relating to the ignition switch and heater control switch. jason
  11. DPpatrol

    4 cyl. in V6 Toyota

    I got a 90 toyota made for a V6 last weekend and will be putting a turbo 4 cylinder 22r-tec in it either this weekend or over Thankgiving weekend. However the motor mounts on my friends 87 are about 2 inches closer to the front of the truck, so its looking like I'll be moving motor mounts...
  12. DPpatrol

    Suspension Design

    Currently i'm reading a couple of books on chassis and suspension design. However these books were written for road cars and I was wondering how applicable some of the information is to offroad suspension. I basically a few specific questions. 1. How much camber change is reccomended per degree...
  13. DPpatrol

    Hossfeld Benders

    Anyone out there using a Hossfeld No. 2 bender? If so what do you like and dislike about it. I may be able to acquire one for a pretty good price.
  14. DPpatrol

    Uniball mounting

    I'm currently working on designing some long travel arms for a 2wd toyota pickup. They will be using uniballs in place of ball joints. I was considering mounting the uniball horizontally (like on the white F-150 built by Craig Stewart) instead of the conventional verical position. This design...