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  1. TreyHakes9

    91 Ranger Prerunner Build

    Yo, my friend josh has the same truck, he just finished building the whole thing and only spent about 10k. He bought the truck for 400$. Look him up on instagram @flyingblueford he built most of the truck and had @pre_funner help with almost all of it. If u have any questions ask them both. Ill...
  2. TreyHakes9

    On Topic 2014 RZR 4 800 options.

    The red one is a 2018 1000 turbo. Selling I️t was super hard even will everything aftermarket on I️t. It’s just hard cause now the 1000’s have sooooo much more power. I️ was shocked when I️ found out how much I️ would have to pay for the red once compared to how much I️ paid for the blue one. If...
  3. TreyHakes9

    On Topic 2014 RZR 4 800 options.

    I️ recently just sold my rzr 800. I️ had a turbo kit on I️t but I️t didn’t really do much. I️ had a cage built from SDR motorsports in corona California. I️ don’t think your gonna be able to find much for I️t since they have changed so much from them till now. The blue one is my old one and...
  4. TreyHakes9

    On Topic New Guy

    Hey Guys. First time on a forum like this. Super excited to learn new things from all you guys. Anyone going out to glamis this week? Just picked up that bad boy for SDR in corona, super excited to take I️t out and hope to meet a lot of you guys out there. Sent from my iPhone using...