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  1. vandyketom

    Weight of 1994 Toyota Cab (single)?

    Any body here ever weigh just the cab?
  2. vandyketom

    TDS Safari 2016 TRASH?!?!

    Same sh^& different year. People just do not get it. I was working on my truck in the notches on Saturday night and when I was done I picked up a full trasharoo full of cans & bottles (other peoples trash) from an area that was basically a 20' radius around my vehicle. I packed up my tools...
  3. vandyketom

    KOH 2016 Finishers

    1-Erik Miller (straight axle rock donkeys rule!) 2-Jason Scherer 3-Raul Gomez Jr. 4-Shannon Campbell 5-Bailey Campbell 6-Jason Shipman Congrats to these folks!
  4. vandyketom

    Tom from Murrieta

    Hello, Tom from Murrieta here. Not really a desert racer any more (used to race D37 bikes) but find still find it very interesting! Great shop/tech forum on this site. Mostly a rock donkey now a days. My current vehicle is whats left of a 1960 Willys Wagon (hood and grill:p).