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  1. Bredbaker

    Victor Abruzzese?

    Does anyone here know whatever happened to Victor? Looked like he raced for about five years or so and then dropped out of the sport? Facts only please, no guesses.
  2. Bredbaker

    Researching Smith Brothers

    In the 1969 Mexican 1000 a Stroppe prepared Bronco was involved in a fatal accident when it ran up behind an open wheel car, the tires touched and the Bronco flipped over killing the occupants. Not to sound morbid, but does anyone remember much about the incident or the deceased?
  3. Bredbaker

    1988 SCORE Baja 1000

    As long as a lot of people are home with time on their hands, does anyone out there have a entry list or results (prefer both) from the 1988 1000? Need for research on the Bronco Racing book. Bonus points, does anyone remember the female journalists who ran the event in a Bronco?
  4. Bredbaker

    Ray Harvick?

    Howdy Everyone! In my research for the book I find myself stuck to find anything on line about former Stroppe driver, Ray Harvick. Does anyone remember anything or know if he is still around? Any relation to Kevin? Thanks!!
  5. Bredbaker

    Dan Smith or Dave Ashley?

    Anyone here know how to get in touch with either one of these guys? Concerns interviewing them about their time as Ford Rough Riders in the Class 3 Bronco.
  6. Bredbaker

    1975 Mint 400 - Who Is This?

    In my quest to grasp Bronco History I am trying to identify some lesser known competitors. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Bredbaker

    Researching Bronco History for upcoming book

    I am happy to report that I have signed a contract to write a book about the history of the Ford Bronco in off road racing and rally. The book is being published by Car Tech out of Minnesota. I never thought of myself as a book author after years of magazine writing but here I am and I am...
  8. Bredbaker

    Rally Against Parkinson's (Portland, OR)

    Rally Against Parkinson's September 9th Start at Portland Int'l Raceway Finish at Pearson Air Museum, Vancouver, WA Registration 10:00am The Rally Against Parkinson's, scheduled for September 9th is pleased and proud to announce an addition to the silent auction from Team O'Neil Rally...
  9. Bredbaker

    John. Lets explore combining charity and racing.

    I was involved in Off Road back in the early to late 1980s working with several publications and Mickey Thompson. Rode in a few races with Randy Salmont and Willie Valdez before moving to rally for my dirty fun. The last seven years up here in the Pacific Northwest our Oregon Rally Group has...