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  1. Baldy_877x

    Dirt Sports Mag

    I have recieved 2 new issues of Dirt Sports! Thanks for getting my sub back up and working! Sorry it took me so long to get back. I got in a battle with my ISP and the ISP won! BTW, the TERYX looks cool, any chance it has a m/c engine swap in the future? Thanks again for fixing my sub issues! I...
  2. Baldy_877x

    No reply from Dirt Sports! (figured!)

    Interesting! You think that if you print my name and address on the cover you would have that information on file. Also, I don't remember who i got the subscription from. Is there any way we can use the numbers on the magizene above the address to find out. looks like that may be a tracking...
  3. Baldy_877x

    No reply from Dirt Sports! (figured!)

    Hello - My name is Mari Provenzano, and I am the Vice President of Ryan Communications Group, owner of Dirt Sports Magazine. You have indicated that you paid for a 3 year subscription in 2009 for Dirt Sports Magazine and are experiencing problems. I would like to help in any way that I can to...
  4. Baldy_877x

    No reply from Dirt Sports! (figured!)

    I e-mailed Mari on the 13th of last month and still haven't herd anything back. So, I'm writing this one off as a loss. I did find that Off-Road magizene has a "dirt speed and performance" version fo there mag. Anyone like that one? Later Baldy
  5. Baldy_877x

    Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag

    I sent an e-mail to Mari on tuesday afternoon. Still no responce back yet. Found my 13th issue of Dusty Times in my mail box yesterday.
  6. Baldy_877x

    Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag

    Seriously though, I've NEVER had any trouble with Dusty Times. I called to change my address and the guy on the phone said i only had one issue left on my subscription but he'll extend it for 3 more issues for me. Mad props to dusty times!
  7. Baldy_877x

    Educate me on CURRENT smog laws

    Unless you convert the engine over to propane or diesel, you're screwed. Sorry.
  8. Baldy_877x

    Ripped off by Dirt Sports mag

    I ordered a subscription early in 2009 for 3 years. I was told i would recieve my first issue in 8 to 12 weeks. After 14 weeks i recieved my first issue. I got my 3rd and last issue in oct 09. In early october I ordered a 2 year subscripton for my dad. As mine, my dads first issue also showed up...
  9. Baldy_877x

    Garage built 76 F-100 build.

    Here is some build pics of our 76 f100 we're planing on racing (expensive testing) at VORRA in october. 16" fox coiloverrs on the front straped at 14" on the shock for 20" total wheel travel. The rear is a custom Deaver 11 leaf pack with 16" travel and Fox 2.5 smooth body shocks...
  10. Baldy_877x

    Hello, my name is Baldy

    Hey all, I am in the process of building a class 8 truck for VORRA and SCORE. I'm almost done. Looking for a few parts and some advice on comunication set ups. Here is some links to my project. Later Baldy...