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  1. Dirt Yota

    Toyota 89 to 95 manual trans ?

    Its a w55... been running them behind my turbo 22r making 180hp and 240 ft lb at the wheels. I usually get a season or so out of a junkyard one.on my 3rd one. they are usually 50 bucks or free so i carry a spare and keep running em.
  2. Dirt Yota

    Welding Chromoly (Thick stuff)

    missile rod is stainless. I wouldnt use it, it will be too hard at the weld making it brittle, a lot of people like it because its welds nice but you're prob more worried about the part not failing. Just use a er70s or 80s mild filler and heat treat. its your best bet.
  3. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    radius arms...
  4. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

  5. Dirt Yota

    Xbox One Reveal

    PS4 got my vote when I read "War Thunder" was going to be apart of it's release. Been playing this game on the PC for a while now and its BAD A$$. Also free2play, or pay2win as some people will call it. I've been a loyal Xbox fan for many many years and I'm finally ready to go back to my roots...
  6. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    been practicing more lately... getting better! these are continuous not trigger welded
  7. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    When you guys do the "loop and swoop" technique mig welding. do you pull torch so that it angled back at the puddle or push the torch? sometimes I get it to lay nice and flat and stack good, other times it builds up in the center leaves those craters in the center. trying to work on consistancy.
  8. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    my favorite kind of welding... aluminum! This was my first attempt at welding with a rotary table.
  9. Dirt Yota

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    When my welder actually wants to weld...
  10. Dirt Yota

    Terrible herbst motor sports garage championship series

    Sounds like 1450 and 2000 will run together at the very end of the day. x2 on the torn up track... Might as well put up signs that read 'Yard Sale" before those two classes go on, its brutal having to follow the unlimited classes. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. Dirt Yota

    Which Wheels Would You Buy?

    They told me 325 plus machining and only had 4 in stock. Not paying almost 400 for a cast import wheel plus shipping. Guess its bad timing. Even raceline broke a mold for 8.5 wide wheels and are backordered. I appreciate the response and actually have a legit excuse. Just doesnt help me get my...
  12. Dirt Yota

    Rear Radiator Plumbing with hose instead or hard pipe

    A friend of mine is running that same motor in his rain gutter ranger. He had to also run the radiator in the back. BUT a standard griffen single pass would not keep it cool. Had to go to a big ron davis with dual fans and dual pass and now it does not get hot at all in the dunes.
  13. Dirt Yota

    Which Wheels Would You Buy?

    Hello Again RDC!! On to another question about driveline. Trying to find a decent 17x8 or 8.5 or 9 wheel(Beadlock, 5x5.5) and apparently BTR does not want to return anyone's phone calls, Method won't have blanks until late Feb. I know KMC is tough to get your hands on. Does anyone else...
  14. Dirt Yota

    1400 trucks

    Your refering to 1450. 1400 is pretty much unlimited for glass cabs(Atleast that was MDR's rules).
  15. Dirt Yota

    rotating top on fox bypass shocks 90°?

    I called fox and got all the info I needed. there was a TON of red loctite on the threads. it was a hassle to remove them without scratching up the body. already turned down the shoulder, waiting on new o rings now. should be really close when I torque the cap back on.
  16. Dirt Yota

    rotating top on fox bypass shocks 90°?

    Anybody happen to know what the tpi on 3" bypasses is?
  17. Dirt Yota

    rotating top on fox bypass shocks 90°?

    I was wondering if its possible to remove the top of a bypass shock and machine it down however much I need to rotate the top 90 degrees from where it is now. i bought the shocks at a swap meet new but they were setup for something where the reservoir is in line with the bolt hole(on the side...
  18. Dirt Yota

    I-Beam vs. A-Arm

    Popcorn here! Get your popcorn.
  19. Dirt Yota

    LED Light bars

    We just ordered from Ridgid and are waiting on parts to show up. But so far I've seen a few 1450 trucks running strictly LED's and having good sucess with distance. They are definitly not out driving the light. But they are also running 2-6 30"+ bars. We are going to run a E series 30 inch on...