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  1. Andrew Marisco

    Who's Working on a Class 8000

    That is a great looking truck. Why, "Roseanne?"
  2. Andrew Marisco

    R.Acer, it's just getting weird now

    Wow. great. I looked some of this stuff up and couldn't find anything. If he was so great at being so great, why isn't it common knowledge that he's the Dali Lama/batman/Zoolander? And why can't any of the info you state be proven? I"m not saying it's not true, but people who tell the...
  3. Andrew Marisco

    Baja1000 2015 map

    that is the worst. it's supposed to be an "off road" race.
  4. Andrew Marisco

    Best Rally Jumps

    English girls never get that excited in other circumstances...
  5. Andrew Marisco

    Baja 1000 Voted as Best Motorsport Event

    But the 1000 is still teh best!
  6. Andrew Marisco

    Baja 500 pics

    it' a shame that the dirt bike riders don't get more notoriety. It's not easy to ride fast off road, that's for sure. i think that if people really knew, motorcycles would get way more press.
  7. Andrew Marisco

    Which Class is best to start Racing off road

    That's some good advice for sure. you can learn alot that way.