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  1. Dirt Yota

    Which Wheels Would You Buy?

    Hello Again RDC!! On to another question about driveline. Trying to find a decent 17x8 or 8.5 or 9 wheel(Beadlock, 5x5.5) and apparently BTR does not want to return anyone's phone calls, Method won't have blanks until late Feb. I know KMC is tough to get your hands on. Does anyone else...
  2. Dirt Yota

    rotating top on fox bypass shocks 90°?

    I was wondering if its possible to remove the top of a bypass shock and machine it down however much I need to rotate the top 90 degrees from where it is now. i bought the shocks at a swap meet new but they were setup for something where the reservoir is in line with the bolt hole(on the side...
  3. Dirt Yota

    CHAMPS' HDRA imperial 250 photos

    Mostly got pics from the second race... give me a car number and ill see if I have a pic...
  4. Dirt Yota

    Which Floater Hubs Would You Buy?

    So Like the title states, Which floater hubs would you buy for a 9 inch if you have a 2,000 budget lets say. Does not need to iunclude brakes/rotors. Just the Hubs/Drive Plates/Flanges/Bearings? Trying to get everyones input before I take the leep into the full floater world!\m/
  5. Dirt Yota

    LS1 Cam Choice/TC Stall questions??

    Hello, So I'm begining my slooow LS1 build to be stuffed into my little HIlux Pickup that we like to race here and there. Question is what Cam would you reccomend for this type of dezert truck/setup? (I currently own a TR224/112LSA for it) We will also be running a TH400 behind it and what...
  6. Dirt Yota

    Rich/Chris from Ram, CA

    Hello everyone! Been a lurker around here for faaar too long. Finally decided it was time to sign up. My brother and I have been working on/building our Toyota for the past 3 years and so far its a blast! I guess Ill answer this question-are: - How you got into desert racing. Started...