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  1. Coast

    Miss Mint 400

    Hey RDC, My co-pilots girl, Janna Breslin is running for Miss Mint 400 this year! Click the link below and give her a vote! Janna Breslin - Miss Mint 2018
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    Video- 2016 Parker 425-Saturated Visuals

    #6103 of David Kleiman and Heath Shoup started 28th finished 4th and # 1003 of my sons in their first race Ryan Kleiman And Justin Kleiman started 30+ and finished 12th Proud of this team! Good things are coming! DK
  3. Coast

    Video -2015 Mint 400 #6103

    Team H2KHOAS would like to thank Mad Media and BITD for all their hard work making this race better and better each year! We had a lot of fun this year! 6100 class has some great teams. Enjoy racing with you all. DK
  4. Coast

    6100 qualifying

    With upwards of 35+ trucks running The Mint this year who wants qualifying? It's been talked about . I know you can win from the back. Myself and Ruanne started near the back and he took 1st and we took 3rd. (Had vapor lock issues). But we all know how much faster it is up front. Yes it's added...
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    2014 Mint 400 video Trick Truck Spec. # 6103

    Team H2Khaos Trick Truck Spec. # 6103 Dave Kleiman and Heath Shoup 3rd place . Video by John Lovell
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    BITD or SCORE for 2014 ?

    So where will you race next year and why? Will you stick with one series or just run the large races of each series? Racing #858 TT Spec/#6103 And Trying to decide. For friends and chase crew Mex is more exciting than watching cars come through at a controled pit speed. Yet as a driver the...
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    Baja frustrations

    Every year all rooms are booked 3-4 months in advance with no deposits. yet Most hotels only have a 48 hour cancelation policy. Most of these are taken by the same teams every year. And a good amount of rooms open back up the week of the race. We stayed at Estero for the 500. When we checked...
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    I Race 6100 and spec trophy truck
  9. Coast

    oside -All day!

    Raced class 21 bike and now switching to trucks.