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  1. KayStrait

    Mint 400 Go Pro Shots of Vintage Class

    I just went through a bunch of our go pro footage from the Mint 400. I got some cool rear view shots of the vintage class that started behind us! I figured this was place to share it.
  2. KayStrait

    Red Bull Rampage 2013.. INSANITY on a bike Have you seen what these guys do on mountain bikes?! Red Bull Rampage just finished yesterday in Utah. My brother Kyle, was crowned the champion! So incredibly stoked for him. He is the youngest to ever compete...
  3. KayStrait

    Wiring for Class 11

    Anyone know of anyone who can wire my class 11 for a reasonable price? Been looking around a bit but haven't found much. Just trying to get this thing wired and ready for the MORE/SNORE race in September! It would be really simple wiring, about 12 switches, 12 breakers, oil temp, oil pressure...
  4. KayStrait

    BFG Playground Earth teaser

    I thought some of you might want to check this out if you havent already. BFG came out with a sweet little teaser episode for their Earth playground project, featuring their All-Terrain tires. They asked my brother, Kyle Strait pro...
  5. KayStrait

    Learning Tig Welding

    So I have been spending a few hours after work at Camburg to learn some welding. I honesty, thought that Jason was going to have me start with Mig, but he told me that Tig would be better, and thinking of all the sparks and such from mig, I most likely would be even more sketchy than I already...
  6. KayStrait

    To run a windshield or not?

    Me and my dad are currently in the process of rebuilding a class 11, and one of things we are trying to decide is whether or not we should run a windshield with wipers. I see it as more work than benefit, but I'm curious to see what others think. What have been your experiences good and bad with...
  7. KayStrait

    SNORE Motion Tire 300 Ridgecrest pictures

    Been looking for pictures from this last weekend in Ridgecrest. Super rough course, I'm sure there are some sweet shots from the race. Anyone have any good ones? Lets see them! :)
  8. KayStrait

    HEY! I'm Kayla and this is my story

    ARE YOU READY FOR A NOVEL? So I have been meaning to sit down and finally do this.. I thought, "Oh yeah, just scribble down a few sentences about racing and how I got into it and what not, and just get it over with." But then as I started writing and travelling back into my memory banks of...