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  1. Bajades

    Mexico doing its best to kill tourism in Baja

    As of September 2015, the “free zone” for FMMs (trips within the 20 kilometer border zone for less than 72 hours) is no longer valid and everyone entering Mexico will need to obtain an FMM. A passport or passport card is required to obtain an FMM. Everyone that is not a Mexican citizen will be...
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    Action Alert, Federal Plan Threatens OHV Access in Nevada Desert Please go to the link above and find the letter generator to express your views regarding the new BLM plan for the Southern Nevada deserts. Motorized travel would be limited to designated roads and...
  3. Bajades

    BFG T/A KM2 for Class 10

    Is anyone having success with the DOT version of the BFG T/A KM2 in Class 10 in a 33 x 10.5 x 15 versus the tried and true BFG Baja T/A. It's a little bit lighter at 50.7 lbs and obviously uses a different tread block. I suspect that the Baja T/A has a stronger sidewall, but you can buy the...
  4. Bajades

    Alan Roach/Baja Designs/ID Designs Class 10 Build

    I'd like to share some of the build process of my new ID Designs Class 10 car. It's going to be used for a little bit of everything from racing, to a Baja Pre-Runner, to a critical test bed for new lighting projects. I went with ID Designs because I like their design philosophy, their...
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    DI Ecotec Fuel Supply Pressure

    What is the pressure requirement to the inlet of the high pressure pump on the DI Ecotec 2.4 liter engines?
  6. Bajades

    Kurt Caselli to Replace Marc Coma in 2013 Dakar

    Well we have someone else to cheer for this year at Dakar. Kurt is going to be riding for the injured Marc Coma on the KTM factory team! Kurt needs to hook up with Scott Whitney or Jimmy Lewis and spend the next 10 days doing nothing but road book navigation. Go Kurt! From Cycle News...
  7. Bajades

    Thumbnails won't open in Firefox

    I use the latest version of Firefox on my home and work computers (14.0.1) and thumbnails no longer open properly. Firefox asks you what program you want to use, and no matter what graphics program I choose seems to crash the page. Is there a work around for this?
  8. Bajades

    Congratulations to Baja Designs’ Racers for Clean Sweep at Baja 500

    Thank you to our Racers/Customers for putting Baja Designs Lighting on the top step of the podium in nearly every single class. We love working with you to develop the best LED and HID lighting for racing and appreciate all the hard work and dedication it takes to win in Baja. First Place...
  9. Bajades

    MEFI 5 Diagnostic Tool for Ecotec

    Is anybody aware of any reasonably priced scanners or diagnostic tools that scan the MEFI 5 for error codes or readout individual sensor data from the CAN bus? I'd like to be able to troubleshoot a 2.4L Ecotec that appears to be having engine management issues. Also, what programming tools are...
  10. Bajades

    Toyota Tacoma "Raptor"

    I've heard a few rumors of a new Tacoma that will feature uprgraded off-road performance features similar to the Ford Raptor, does any one have information on this? I swear I saw a photo of a new Tacoma prototype somewhere on Race-Dezert but I can't find it.
  11. Bajades

    Resurface Pressure Plate and Flywheel

    Is it common practice to re-surface a Kennedy pressure plate and flywheel when changing a clutch? I'm referring to a Kennedy 9" pressure plate and flywheel using a 6 puck clutch on an Ecotec. If so, who does this machining in So. Cal. Pressure plate and flywheel have witness marks/discoloring...
  12. Bajades

    Class 10 with Ecotec, Stage 2 or 3 Clutch?

    Would like to see some opinions on whether to go with a Stage 2 or Stage 3 clutch on an Ecotec powered Class 10 car with a 5 speed.
  13. Bajades

    Looking for Shannon Scott, formerly of Nite Rider

    Does anybody on this forum know how to reach Shannon Scott, formerly the Off-Road manager for Nite Rider lighting systems. Please PM me with any info you might have, or if you know Shannon have him call me. Thanks in advance, Alan Roach Baja Designs Inc. 760 560-2252
  14. Bajades

    Dakar Rally to Limit Motorcycles to 450 cc

    The quoted section below was posted today in Cycle News. I imagine KTM isn't going to be too happy about this considering their investment in this class and their domination for the last few years. This will really level the playing field as far as the bikes are concerned. I anxious to talk...
  15. Bajades

    Parker 425, Man Over Board

    For those that didn't get to experience the third lap of the Parker 425, take a quick ride in our LS2 powered swamp buggy! This is one time where fenders sure would have been nice.:eek: YouTube - Parker 425, Man Over Board
  16. Bajades

    Crankcase Breather Check Valve

    Does anyone make a large check valve for use as a crankcase breather check valve for roll over protection? I want to add a check to the crankcase vent on an LS2 to reduce the fire hazard if the car goes upside down and to keep the oil in the motor. I was thinking about building my own using a...
  17. Bajades

    Condition of Road between Tecate and Ensenada

    Can someone update me on the condition of Hwy 3 between Tecate and Ensenada, in particular between Guadalupe and Ensenada? I've heard that it is under construction, but I have not driven it myself since the 500 and there seems to be a fair amount of disinformation out there. I have two chase...
  18. Bajades

    Minimimum Age of Co-Driver in SCORE

    I've tried to reach SCORE to get and answer to this but without luck. Being an impatient sort, does any one here know if there is a minimum age for a co-driver in a 4-wheel vehicle racing SCORE. My 15 year old son would love to co-drive a section of the 1000, but I can't find anything in the...
  19. Bajades

    F911 Bolt Failure

    Anybody else have any strange failures of a F911 bolt? At the end of the Snore Midnight Madness race I noticed that the bolt head was missing from the end of one of the F911 bolts securing the lower A-arm to the frame tabs. The bolts were properly torqued and I would expect this bolt to fail...
  20. Bajades

    Seat Fabric

    I want to make some seat bolsters for my Sparco Evo 2's and need a fire resistant fabric. Anyone have any idea where to buy suitable fabric for this application?