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    #2 B1k In Car footage

    found this on another site, hopefully it is OK to post a link here Some really cool footage...
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    More Issues in Baja

    Absolutely! These Mexican terrorists are 100% out of control, the fact that it happened in sight of the toll booth only surprises me a little. Sickening!
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    Fallon Results / stories

    I'm sure everyone is still exhausted and recovering, just anxiously waiting to hear how this race went.
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    VORRA short course 3/31/07

    Just a reminder that the first VORRA short course race is 3/31 and 4/1. This short course is a perfect place to come and test out your new trucks/buggies or test the tweaks to your existing ones. Edit: Quads too!!! There isn't another short course event at this track until September (lord...
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    Backpoack lost at Coco's

    I know it's a long shot but I got in our race vehicle at Coco's and left my backpack with the chase truck. The backpack never made it to me when I got out of the car so I'm thinking it fell out of the back of the truck or was never loaded. I'm hoping someone involved with the race found it...
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    Rockcrawlers racing the 1000

    Link to a good article I think there will be a lot of teams crossing over in the future. Now we just need to see some more of the desert guys trying their hand at rock crawling. :) Best of luck to all in Baja!
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    VORRA Short Course - Sacramento - Sunday

    The time for VORRA Fall Short Course is back. Last 3 races of the season all in Oct starting this Sunday Oct 1st at Prairie City OHV park in Sacramento, CA. VORRA has recently switched back to the control of the old owner Dennis Kordonoway and all racing will take place on Sunday with...
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    Pit available for Lovelock

    BFG Pro Pit will not be attending the Lovelock race so Bob, Vince, myself and a couple other guys have decided to do an impromtu pit. Unfortunately the enclosed trailer is in Oregon and probably won't be back in time but we'll still be doing it out of our trucks. I'm not yet sure what...
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    Lovelock April 22/23

    VORRA's first desert race of the season will be April 22 and 23 in Lovelock Nevada. I don't know much detail but the race is being sponsored by Sturgeons Casino in Lovelock and the casino will serve as the Race Headquarters/Staging grounds/Tech inspection area. Last year the start was...
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    VORRA Short Course - Prairie City - This weekend!

    Just a heads up to let everyone know that the little guys up North are having a Short Course race this weekend at the Prairie City track in Rancho Cordova, CA. It's been raining non stop and will probably be raining on Sunday but it's going off regardless. If anyone happens to be in the...
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    March 11 and 12?

    Is the race still on for this weekend? Looks like more dumpage of rain at least up through Sat morning. What's the word?
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    VORRA Season Opener - this weekend!

    For all those that don't know, Saturday March 12th and Sunday March 13th is the VORRA short course season opener at Praire City OHV park near Sacramento, CA. The track and facility has been extensively re-designed and upgraded for the 2005 season with the track being wider and longer than...
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    85Toy 4x4 to Indepenant front Q

    I've been kicking the idea around to remove the solid front on my old 85 4x4, Fab up some A arms and make a 7 open truck out of it. Coming from a rock crawling background and being new to the desert thing I've never really seen anyone do this although I'm sure it's done reguarly. Does anyone...
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    PC Pics

    Some pics from last Sat at the track. Everything is progress ;)
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    Other board down

    FYI The Bulliten board at is down I get phpBB : Critical Error Could not query config information DEBUG MODE SQL Error : 1146 Table 'calrocs_forumdb.phpbb_config' doesn't exist SELECT * FROM phpbb_config Line : 166 File ...
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    I've been browsing this site for a couple years now and decided it's time I do this so I can start posting. I don't currently race but am in the process of building a 7 truck to race in the VORRA series. I have been volunteering at the track with recoveries, track setup and anything else asked...