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    Moving: help me choose where

    Looking for help choosing a region/city/location. Any help would be much appreciated. I have been thinking about this for just over a year, and have been all over the Internet trying to make a smart decision. I have made a handful of scouting trips, but figured I'd be better off asking you guys...
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    How Are Race Teams Incorporated?

    I have tried to figure this out through search, but don't know which terms to search for. How are race teams, or even private efforts organized or incorporated? When I see pictures of a spotless warehouse full of spares, tools and trucks, am I looking at something organized as its own entity...
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    Hello, my name is Steve

    First post. My name is Steve. stgil888 on Desert Rides and Dezert Rangers. stgil888 on Ridemonkey for any bikers. I don't have a truck. That's a big part of what I'll be doing on here in the next few months. I'm currently searching for a 1992-1996 Ford F-series to begin a build.