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    My facebook page for my Trophy Ranger Build!

    Go check out my facebook page for my trophy ranger! if anyone has parts for a ranger let me know! lets negotiate.
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    Hello my name is,

    Hello everyone i never introduced my self to all you guys! im Weston thurmond 15 years old, Race cars for my parents and do Offroada for fun! Go check out my Facebook page on the truck im bulding right now! Make sure you like it! If anyone has...
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    Westons racerunner project

    Hey everyone I started a build thread on facebook, it would be really cool if you could check it out and maybe like it! The project is a 1997 Ford ranger 4.0 Thanks a lot too everyone that has gave me old parts for my truck, if anyone has old ranger...
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    1997 Ranger build thread

    Hey everyone, Father/son build going here! well we started with a 97 ranger 4.0 laying on the ground, we got this from a fellow named Richie Casas, it was a fully built "Prerunner" with the same Giant Ibeams that are on it now! he beat this thing up, all in fun though!;) Pictures comming...
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    1997 ford ranger build

    Hey guys im making a build thread for my 97 ranger, its a 4.0 4 speed, we had gotten the truck a year or so ago when we rolled our other ranger but ended up that our other ranger just needed a cab, so we fixed that and didnt really think to build this one until now! What came with the truck was...
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    How old do you have to be to race!!

    Whats the age starting limit for racing offroad desert races because im gonna be racing when i can but for now ill be haulin ass out in the dezert hahah! Thanks guys
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    How old do you have to be to race a trophytruck in score??

    How old would i have to be to race SCORE offroad racing like silverstate and baja 250
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    Hello My Name is Weston!!!

    Hey guys im interested in racing offroad and was trying to find out what age it is to start racing score offroad races thanks weston!!!
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    How old do you have to be to race SCORE

    How young can you be to race SCORE offroad like mint 400 and baja