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    Get Well Soon Beny Canela

    Our good friend & friend of many of you, Beny Canela Had to take a few days off work and racing to undergo surgery. The good news is everything went well and Beny is on the road to recovery (not to be confused with the nascar one) He is going to be in the hospital a few more days while they...
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    utv class

    Changed my mind and moved it back to the 500 thread
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    SCORE SF 250 cl 8 entries

    Is anyone planning on racing SF 250 in cl 8, it would be nice to know if there were, We are planning on racing but it would be nice if we had some other trucks to race against I
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    Baja Experienced Co Rider wanted

    Looking for a Experienced Co Rider.....Right Hand seat ONLY Someone with skill that would be an asset to our team, IN AND OUT of the truck Experience and knowledge of Baja courses a MUST!! Have the time to pre run, Have the money to take care of all of your own expenses, Have all up to...
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    RG shocks

    Are the RG shocks a modifed copy of the pin shock that has been around a while ?
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    Any updates on CODE/NORRA race

    Any updates?
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    How do I say this in a nice way

    How do I say this in a nice way This is a sport where the best on any given day is rewarded with the first place trophy and there is no shame in not being the winner we all know how our sport is but at the same time we all would like our sport to be represented in a positive professional way...
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    Beny Canela Get Well Soon

    My good friend & a good friend to a lot of you Beny Canela was getting ready to go to the 500 to help out another team, on Thursday morning before the 500 Beny was getting some work done around the shop, while he was putting a 39" project on the tire machine, He (in his own words) "busted his...
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    Alternate lines for the 500

    There sure a lot of interesting alternate courses in the 500, the trackes shows the alternate course that each vehicle took during the race. Does score look at the trackers to see what course the cars took ?? how far off the course can you go ??
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    Contractor Contacts

    Hello I am a Concrete Pumping Contractor (licensed) in the So Cal area, Experienced in large and small jobs, with Boom Pumps & small line Trailer Pumps. I am looking for contacts in the off road community. I have all the necessary insurance and permits (AQMD, CARB, MCP,) I offer a premium...
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    There seems to be a lot of new adds this week in the classifieds, (race vehicles) I was supprised to see whos selling..... does anyone know, are they changing classes or getting out of it ????
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    Serpentine pullys ford 460

    Who makes Serpentine pullys for a ford 460, I want to tension them like a V belt set up.
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    Just got back from the CODE GP at Luguna Salada, its not like you have to guess who won......PIN wins another one. It was no contest today at the CODE GP In heat 1 it was Pin leading all the way to the checkers. In the second heat it was........ Oh yea, Pin leading all the way to the...
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    803 fire notes

    Like Myself, I am sure many of you read Camerons post a while back on fire, after reading it I was thinking this makes a lot of sense and we should all be paying more attention to this subject, as some of you know we encountered a fire at the SCORE SF COC and we came out on the loosing end, Here...
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    Main page

    Todays "Desert racing" main page looks great Racers safety patrol Ideas for a safer desert Thank you to the BLM Vehicle Code as it applies to OHV/ 15 mph These kinds of posts show just how much the off road commuity cares, I dont think any other form of racing has a site...
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    Who's going to win the Prelude to the dream
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    Who has a limited or super buggy I could drive at Perris

    I am looking for a limited or super buggy to drive in the perris series I have some funding and also have a Latemodel that we could trade out for a few races I also have 2 Fresh all aluminum (gen1) small block chevys (Brodix 18*) that id be willing to trade or ? As well as 2 Shaver...
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    Hello, My Name is Butch Meyers

    I started racing in 1983 at the Mint 400 the old Speedrome I have been racing in several different classes over the years and have seen a few things