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  1. H-rider

    3/4 ton Chevy lift coils, where & what?

    I have a '88 Chev 3/4 ton 2wd and want to put on 315/75-16 tires. I need to lift front 1.5"-2" Anyone know of good place to get coils. I called Deaver and they will make some for me but this truck doesn't need $375 coils. If anyone has suggestions, thanks in advance.
  2. H-rider

    14" Dry Cut saw - How well do they work?

    I have been looking to buy a new saw for small fab shop work and came across these last week. Is anybody have one or experience with one? How long do blades last? They sell for just less than...
  3. H-rider

    E bay Rhino for sale scam?

    I have been watching several places on the web for rhinos for sale. On ebay last night a rhino came up in Hollywood for auction with a buy it now of $2800.00. I jumped all over it. When I clicked on -buy it now- it said I needed to be approved by the seller and to send them a message to be...
  4. H-rider

    Race Trim seats-good quality?

    I have found a couple places on the internet that have these seat for sale between $125 & $129 each. They come in black cloth insert & black vinyl and gray combo. Has anyone bought these or seen these seats? I have a play/prerun buggy project and need some seats soon! thanks
  5. H-rider

    Another up north guy

    Hello RDC! Have been lurking around here way to long. So when a long time friend registered here recently because of his overactive class 9 glands:D LOL! I thought it was due time for me to join in. I've been around dez racing for a lot of years ( 20 or more ) and used to be heavily involved...