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    NORRA Spencer Low Hard Charger Award

    The inaugural Hard Charger Trophy, in memory of Spencer Low, will be awarded at next week’s NORRA Mexican 1000. The trophy was hand-crafted by his son Spencer Ryan Low and was designed to commemorate Spencer’s Overall Challenger Class win in 2018. Exemplifying the talent and tenacity necessary...
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    SLR is Hiring

    JOB POSTING 5/24/07 SPENCER LOW RACING BLOOMINGTON, CA POSITION AVAILABLE: FABRICATOR START DATE: ASAP JOB DETAILS Spencer Low Racing is an Inland Empire, Southern California based off-road performance suspension company. We are known throughout the industry for our high end...
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    Kincaid TT

    Here are some pics of Kincaid Racings new Porter Race Cars built trophy truck. Look for the truck @ SEMA, and a full pictorial on Porter's website within a week.
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    3 New Employment Opportunities

    (1)SLR is currently expanding our team with the move to our new facility in Rialto. If you want to be a part of a fast growing, cutting edge suspension company, and are a self-motivated individual, a position is now open for production welding. We are looking for the applicant to be driven...
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    Nissan Class 1

    Lamount and Folk got there hands full!!!!!!!!! Sweet buy dood. Built in 1991??? Ran 120miles @ best with Factory budget. Vessels @ the wheel. My old buddy JFK in co dawg (John Kennedy) Stills builds in the high dez. Great times when I was young...LOL. Jim Russel @ Desert Steel Head of...
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    New PR4

    Porter Race Cars new vehicle is here. Check out the website for a sneek peek. Let us know what you think.
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    Porter Race Cars Website

    Check out the new updates to the Porter site. Updates are posted featuring new cars being built and developmets regarding the Primm 300
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    TOWING A PR ON ALL 4\'s I'm working a deal on a PR and the guy has a 45' Prevost. He wants to tow the truck, The truck will have a full floater Spool with a RE4R10A Trans 3spd with OD. The customer is in his 50's and I don't want to make him pull the DS every time he tows his PR. Any...
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    GLAMIS NOV 1-3 PHOTOS\\VIDEOS\\ Forgot the Digital Camera, Anybody with some Sand Drag Photos\Videos\Stories?? Looking for some Videos of SLR's 01 Nissan (Sand Drags) Had a blast, SLR Stage 5 worked great. BLM was in full...