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  1. Pacololo

    Looking to ID this car

    Looks like a Hi Jumper. Does it ring any bells for anyone? Looking for any history or names attached to it. Thanks in advance.
  2. Pacololo

    Live Tracking for the Mil, am I the only one that cant find it?

    Where's the link???
  3. Pacololo

    Flying Filarski's 2010 ORAF 500 report

    The Flyin Fiarski’s left the line in the TEN Factory, Motive Gear Jeepspeed with Eric behind the wheel and Co-dog Jeff Lessley in the right hand seat. The plan after pre-running was to set a winning lap pace of 2 hours per lap which the team felt would keep the car together and the shock temps...
  4. Pacololo

    Whats up with the Classifieds now?

    Looks like the format changed. If you use the search, the results show several pages and there's no way to go to the next page... Am I not seeing it? TIA, Eric
  5. Pacololo

    1022 Steve Mcmullin. Lost and found ORAF 500

    I beleive I have a tire and wheel that belongs to you. It came off at 32 and my chase picked it up. Shoot me an e-mail fatcit(at) Thanks, Eric
  6. Pacololo

    Is this guy selling your wheel?

  7. Pacololo

    *LOST* Tire and Wheel @ Ocotilla

    We lost a 35" Paddle on a Walker Evens wheel over new years weekend, some where around Ocotilla Wells road and San Felipe wash / Homes camp. If found please call 951-377-9731 $150 bucks to the finder. Thanks Eric
  8. Pacololo

    FatCity Off-Road Racing

    Hi there, I've been lurking for a few years now here on RDC. My twin brother (Ryan Filar) and I have been racing a Jeepspeed we built for two seasons now. We both come from a dezert backgroung that started with Baja's at a very young age with Pops and grew into rock-crawlers, then back to Baja's...