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  1. trailready

    BITD Speaks up about prerunning

    This talk about V2R prerunning brings back some great memories of the 2 day pre fun runs with BITD. This is the only times I ever saw Casey drink and after a couple little margaritas during the dinner in Tonopah or where ever we were, the filters, what there was of them, would be OFF and OMG...
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    Class 11 showdown at 2021 KOH

    Dave, you are the Humpy Wheeler of off-road. Love this stuff!!
  3. trailready

    News 1990 SCORE Baja 500 Robby Gordon In-Car Footage

    And that's why he's Robby Gordon and everyone else isn't haha
  4. trailready

    1988 RaceCo - change of plans

    2021 NORRA 500 would be a great way to get your feet wet with a Baja Race
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    Check out our new FlowFormed UTV Wheels.

    We had some real success with our previous 2 piece UTV Wheel, winning in Ultra4, and Best in the Desert, before our foundry of 20 years closed it's doors in late 2017. We've been focusing on getting all truck, buggy, and jeep sizes going since, but have finally finished a run of our new...
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    Word on the Streets

    Dumbest 1st post ever?
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    Post your favorite photo from Baja!

    My best iPhone photo, Loreto Malicon on the way home from 2016 Mexican 1000. Waiting while my wife is trying to wake up that sleepy barista. (she was actually dozing on her feet at the counter) Can't wait to get back there.
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    Ultra4 compared to Desert Racing

    Dave, YORU the guy to test this theory, tell me where to sign up to support your effort!!
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    Vintage jeeps

    Hey, old friend. Good to hear from you!
  10. trailready

    A Trophy Truck / Stadium Truck hybrid for the short desert courses?

    There's some nasty stuff buried in the ground there. At RATR half the unlimited field was stopped on the same corner changing right side tires.
  11. trailready

    New UTV class rules needed in offroad racing?

    I'm assuming "legacy" is pro self driving cars....and self driving race cars
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    BITD and class M Truck

    SilverState 300 first, then V2R if you enjoyed that. please take sportsman rear start for SS300 cause there is nearly no passing and you are going to make a ton of dust :)
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    On Topic Goldi2 Meyers Manx Build for NORRA 2020

    Cage design looks awesome!!
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    TKO Motorsports Rage at the River Video

    Another nice edit from John at Tuba. Qualified 3rd and we found ourselves 2nd place in TT class with two laps to go Sunday. I had ONE job, and couldn't keep it together! What a blast we had tho!! 3 minute video.
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    On Topic Insurance

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    RATR Photogs
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    The "Ironman" debate

    Sam Berri deserves some respect for this. Not Baja but as far as I know, he does all the driving in his single seater.
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    What is Robby building?

    The La Victoria Truck is now the 38 Hustead. Here it is at KOH.
  19. trailready

    Ivan Stewart Modern motors Chenowth 1000 replica build

    I have a Jaz cell in the SC/Rambler since 2016. I'll have to check it out but I do make sure its full of Ethanol free fuel while stored hoping that will keep it from drying out.