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  1. MXShea

    BT Helmet Intercom

    Has anybody had success with BlueTooth helmet intercoms in UTV's? Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  2. MXShea

    Finding Bighorn 26x9x12

    Hey guys, I'm having no luck in the classifieds looking for these tires. I feel like there's got to be some people out there who want to get rid of their old 26x9x12's and maybe they just aren't looking in ads. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it! Sent...
  3. MXShea

    Aluminum roof vibration

    Hey guys, I'm sure there is a simple solution for this and I'm sure this is the place to ask. So, thanks in advance! The aluminum roof has a "WAWAWA" vibration sound where it is flexing or bowing between the points where it attatches to the cage. Is there something to apply to the underside? Or...
  4. MXShea

    2014 sx

    A little over a month away the circus series begins and we will get to see how the rookie 450 guys do against the top riders. Most of the field seems to be healthy and happy, so it should be good while it lasts. With Reed switching back to Kawasaki, this will be his make it or break it season...
  5. MXShea


    It's Sat night. It's on live and I can't keep track of all the new names but whatever the old FUELTV is (FOXS1?) Mines got it picked up as it is labeled "motorcycle racing" but check yours to see. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  6. MXShea

    MXoN on TV

    If anybody wants to watch our guys (hopefully) mop the floor with all the Euros and redeem ourselves from last year it will be on NBCSN Sunday around 7:00 pm PT I think. It's unlikely that the guide will even say its on because this was announced pretty late in the game. Sent from the RDC...
  7. MXShea

    Toy Hauler questions

    Looking at used, small (19-22ish ft) toy haulers. TV is Sequoia/Tundra so it will have to be light. Will be hauling a bike and a couple small small quads, eventually just a rhino. By looking at them it appears some are cheap and basic, not very functional. Anyone with any input, suggestions on...
  8. MXShea


    We lost! 3rd place isn't bad, all things considered...but I think Jeff Stanton should pick the team from now on.
  9. MXShea

    Snowmobiles. Crazy.
  10. MXShea

    D-37 AMA Hare and Hounds

    I've heard twice now lately that quads have "overalled" these events. It is my understanding that the quads, novice minis, women, magnum and super seniors don't run on the main course making it impossible for them to overall the race...not to mention in the finishing order of the above group...
  11. MXShea

    Fight Time: Ryno Vs Lapaglia

    I've always had a lot of respect for Ryno...the whole pushing his KX125 up the hill after the chain broke and everything was cool. After this though I've lost some respect for him. He calls out Michael and runs his mouth, acts tough, STARTS the fight, gets wrapped up and nearly choked out and...
  12. MXShea

    Stewart out for Nationals

    But what do you know, he wants to show up at a few (right before it probably) and try to get a spot on the MXoN Team again. What a joke. He's had a horrible year and taking more time off is going to make him even worse. I know his team has several issues with L&M and Brooks and the suspension...
  13. MXShea

    21st Century/Farmers insurance

    This insurance company has put us through a total nightmare. My fiancee was backing into our driveway when a kid down the street wasn't looking and drove right into her as she was in reverse and already half way into our driveway. She had to go pick up my step daughter and he lives at the end...
  14. MXShea

    Bro Helmet

    Oh boy... Please no.
  15. MXShea

    GoPro Crash...ouch
  16. MXShea

    People are awesome. (cool video)
  17. MXShea

    Single Track

  18. MXShea

    GoPro SX vids starting to surface

  19. MXShea

    For those of you with DirecTV DVR's

    My favorite thing about coming on RDC is all the great incar vids. Last week while I was searching for the Mint on Fuel, DirecTV smart search gave me the option of a youtube search. I tried it out and it's great, you can view anything that's on youtube on your TV (if you have ethernet plugged...
  20. MXShea

    Hello, My name is Steve

    Grew up in Apple Valley racing D-37 in the mid-late 90's, raced MX til the early 00's. Have a family now, love offroad racing very much and would like to get into it some day. Have always browsed race-dezert and followed the races, finally decided to register.