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  1. turbodon

    Why cant my posts be seen without admin approval?

    Noticed when I post to a thread, I get a message that (my message) will not be seen by other visitors until it has been approved by admin. Just wondering why this is, and what I can do to get it lifted. Thanks, Don
  2. turbodon

    Ecotec Not Starting

    This power plant is new to me and I havent figured out the Ecotec Bugs yet. 2.4L Non DI Car was driving fine yesterday. Go out today, engine just cranks but no start. Have fuel pressure. Not sure where to start, any ideas would be great.
  3. turbodon

    Ecotec Flywheel Bolts?

    Got my Kennedy adapter plate today for the Ecotec transplant into the Baja. I heard somewhere the bolts supplied with the Kennedy Kit are no good. They are 10.9 grade 10mmx1.25 hex head (non shouldered.) Appearance wise they look decent. Are they good to go? Or is there a more desireable...