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  1. Layton

    pro trucks in 1400

    who were the DOR and what were there numbers??
  2. Layton

    Robby Gordon Live

    Robby will be calling in tonight on Speed Scene Live @ 6 30 pm pst. The show starts now. Check it out at
  3. Layton

    Ivan Stewert live

    Ivan will be calling into Speed Scene Live in 10 minutes check it out at now
  4. Layton

    The "Trophy" Jeep at Redline in car

    no music this time just the sound of a junk yard motor!
  5. Layton

    Off Road Shop Near KOH

    Toys for Trucks in Hesperia has everything that is needed to fix tow rigs, trailers, motorhome, and the rock crawlers. We just wanted to make sure that everyone knows we are there for them for anything even a place to work on their rigs. Call us 760-956-3525 or come on by 11352 Hesperia rd...
  6. Layton

    Random ????

    Anybody out there have any idea where to get a one of those lights that can mark your pit at night? Something like a LED whip??
  7. Layton

    Roger Norman LIVE tonigh!!

    Roger will be calling in tonight on Speed Scene Live. You can watch the show live at Really excited to have Roger on to talk about next years rebirth of HDRA, Wide Open Baja, and Roger's racing. The show goes live at 6pm pst check it out!!
  8. Layton

    What are you thankful for?

    I am thankful that our Dezert our still open. That we still have companies that support off road racing. That we still still have people that are willing to man road crossing, checkpoint, and rover spots all over the U.S. and mexico. Basically I am thankful for our Off-Road Familia! Happy...
  9. Layton

    Who is racing LOORS out of Provo UT?

    Looking for someone in the Provo area. Any teams racing from there?
  10. Layton

    1400 / 1450 class rules for HDRA

    After speaking with Roger, Ken, and Robert I am happy to say that I will be the class rep for the 1400 / 1450 classes. Everyone involved with HDRA wants to make all class rules from what the racers want. I have worked with other series on the idea of making a pro and a sportsman class with no...
  11. Layton


    Tonight on Speed Scene Live i will be speaking with Dave Caspino. Tune in at 6pm pst to hear from the Dirt Sports Desert Driver of the year, SCORE class 6 champ and the Best in the Desert 7200 champ about what is going on with his race program and where the his future is goin...
  12. Layton

    Powder puff 2011

    It is already time to get the car and trucks ready for the girls and raise some money for a great cause!!! So who is racing what?????
  13. Layton

    Sean Mecham!!!!!!

    Sean will be on Speed Scene Live tonight! Please tune in at 6 pm PST to to see exciting footage from Vegas to Reno and find out what happened for Sean and Kory at the race.
  14. Layton

    COPS racing big news!

    Tonight I will be speaking with Zach Langley from the cops racing team on Speed Scene Live. Zach has some big news for the team. Tune in at 6 pm pst to
  15. Layton

    Brett Sloppy to drive for Binge Racing

    For Imediate Relase: Brett Sloppy to drive for Binge Racing this weekend at the MORE 500 Binge Racing from Las Vegas, NV has asked Brett Sloppy to be the 3rd driver in this coming weekends MORE Royal Purple 500 in there class 3700 jeep speed. "With this weekends race being a long distance...
  16. Layton

    Todd LeDuc on Speed Scene Live

    Todd will be calling in tomorrow night on Speed Scene Live to talk about his recent Monster Truck Win and about the everything else that is going on with his racing. Please tune at 6 pm pst to if you have any question for Todd you can email me at [email protected]
  17. Layton

    Dot com awards

    Speed Scene Live is up for best radio show on the internet. We won last year and would like to do it again this year but we need your help. Please go to the link below and vote for us. Thank you very much and merry christmas...
  18. Layton

    Josh Daniel and Billy Gasper

    We are gonna have both on the show tomorrow night (tuesday), Josh we be live in studio with myself and Billy will be calling in talk about everything from baja to he recent crash at the Lake Elisnore grand prix. Tune in at 6 pm pst to and check it out. We will also have...
  19. Layton

    got room, if you need a ride to Ensenada

    I am driving down on wed morning and got room for 3 people. I will be in the leaving from south orange county you must be able to meet me. email me [email protected]
  20. Layton

    Glen Helen 11/13

    Come on down tomorrow for the last regional race of the year. Bob and the crew have been busting their asses to make racing in Socal the best it can be. Gates open at 7 am practice starts and 9. Tickets are only $10 and you can bring your own food and drink. See you there!