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    Todd LeDec is driving a monster truck for 2011

    Also new to Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam in 2011 is a fresh name to our fans, but certainly is well known in other motorsports: Todd LeDuc, who comes from off-road racing to jump into the seat of Blue Thunder. Like his friend Lee O’Donnell who is back in Ironman again in the coming year LeDuc...
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    mini stock

    i see that az and glen hen maybe doing mini there any body up north like to build some of these to race vorra's short course
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    Smallwood Racing newest truck

    here is our new truck that the family has been building for grandpa he is now 70 years old and want to get back into racing so we build a pro arena truck its 4x4 ford ex cab ran ranger with a fuel injection 302... we will see how he does
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    hello racer

    hey guys my name is Randy AkA Jr i co drive for Broc Ross out of deerisland Or. you may know him he drove the red white and blue ranger we won the corr race when they had the 7open trucks and our team parter up with baja motorsports to race trebile cup we won that and the next year we won but...