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    1549 Sams the man

    Congratulations to Sam Beri . finished ? class with only two gears left . good job.
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    Spectators in Parker

    Maybe the videos and pictures from the time trials are misleading but it looks like people are are still a little close to the action . Hope everyone attending has a great time and gets home safe .
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    Parker top 3

    Top 3 qualifiers in Parker are Robbie Gordon 5.22.83 Sam Beri 5.25.41 Griffin 5.29.45 Even though the track was set up like a drag strip nothing technical two class one guys qualified at the top . HUM ******* Edit, I just posted the correct official results from BITD...
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    VORRA gets Aggressive 2011

    2011 RACE SCHEDULE March 12 & 13 Short Course / Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA April 16 & 17 Short Course / Prairie City OHV Park, Folsom, CA May 27 - 30 Yerington 300 Desert Race / Yerington, NV July 15-17 USA 500 Desert Race /...
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    Sam BERi schools em

    It seems Sammy was on his game for qualifying and left the field 4 sec behind I wonder why he is not the story of the day ?
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    Thanks Troy

    Dusty times came today and the last articles for VORRAS season . Thanks Troy for all your hard work I know we all appreciate it
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    Can you beat sam Beri ?

    Some days i cant either . sure was fun trying
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    How much Horse power do you need

    I have a class 1 car that i have ran in SCORE and VORRA. it has a stock LS1 in it right now. The car has a built th 400 built by the right guys and a 9 in, king shocks all 4s . I have an LS motor with 780 hp to put in it . i have worked out all the problems from the car being 1 off. so the...
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    Stud for the day

    I was watching and kept seeing a 10 guy making good time Bryce Menzie 1029 has to be the stud for the day
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    Whos you pick to win V2R

    Who would you like to see win the overall . IM in Sam Beri s Corner
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    LS1 water pump

    what water pumps are you using and do you change the pullys . does it help to make more flow or is stock ok
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    How many entries so far

    How many entries does the NORRA 1000 have so far ?
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    Its about time

    CONGRATS to all the teams that were not penalized for following the rules. Its nice to see rules being inforced . i can only assume that , after SCORE looked at all the info they came to their dicision. i dont suppose they will elaborate on their evidence as to not humiliate the racers any further
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    camera question

    How do you keep , mud and dust off your in car camera lense. do you know where to get one of the systems that rolls clear film past the lense ? Thanks Steve
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    The best on the West

    Mar 28/29 VORRA will kick off its season at Prarrie City OHV in Sacramento CA. Registration Saturday from 10:00 to 4:00 Practice 3:00 to 4:00 qualifiing follows last practice Sunday late registration 8:00...
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    Vorra season final

    Oct 25-26 Vorra will be hosting their season final at Prarrie City OHV this is short course Racing at its best .Registration, practice and qualifing sat 25 Late registration and practice Oct 26 racing starts aprox 9:00. Come check this out its the best Short course racing north of O/C
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    Congratulation SAM BERRI

    Great job Sam .You have been the hunt and earned your self a good win Ill bet youve raised a few eye brows
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    Vorra short course

    VORRA will be at PRARRIE CITY OHV next weekend Sept 27 tech, practice and qualifing Sept 28 racing starts at approx 9:oo am this is great short course action for all classes quads sportsman 9 ,7 8, 10, 1, trophy come check it out VORRAs website is down right now but you can contact Wes at...
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    New to the net

    theres alot of great discussions here and i would like to get involved