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  1. desertratt

    V-R Trackside Photos are now up!

    i saw a pic like that but for the life of me i cant remember where it was. looked pretty awsome though! all i could think was that guys haten life to be back with the trucks.
  2. desertratt

    AMA Nat'l H&H Series revived! Congrats D37!

    from what i heard it was ama was looking to sell off the h&h series but gave d-37 first dibs on it. its going to cost a little more to race them now but the rewards will also be increased.
  3. desertratt

    Photos from V2R

    wow i really need to go on a diet!
  4. desertratt

    chaparral sale

    once again they have it on a day i wont be around! never fails. they really need to check my schedule before setting a date!
  5. desertratt

    ## VIDEO V2R bikes, quads, utv's, day 3##

    cool im in this one! lol! 421!
  6. desertratt

    ## V2R VIDEO, day 2 ##

    ok cool! i remember seeing some one at the bottom of a hill that turned up a sand wash shooting vid.
  7. desertratt

    ## V2R VIDEO, day 2 ##

    cool vid. dont suppose you are the one that was shooting vid on day 3 between pit 3 and 5?
  8. desertratt

    Dezert prepped 450 quads

    heres a couple
  9. desertratt

    Rising cost of metal

    the only thing that ha helped keep our material cost down in our shop is the fact that not a lot of buying what they used to so its created a small bidding war. we now have reps from 4-5 different places trying to get our business so they keep the price to a minimum. as for this country going...
  10. desertratt

    Night Riding Tips

    whats fun is when you are hualing ars and your lights just turn off. it gets dark real quick! the whe you stop and your by your self. you can hear every little nosie and the frist thing that always comes to mind is the hills have eyes! lol!
  11. desertratt

    any old 3 wheeler pictures racing SCORE ???

    he was at a couple events i did. so i guess the answer would be yes. lol! oh this is so long ago. i cant remember much. i would have to out to my parents house and look in the garage at the pictures on the walls.
  12. desertratt

    Which Piston And Compression Ratio Is Best For Desert Racing

    we ran a stock piston in our 04 since we started racing it in 04. only thing i did to the motor was a hrc kit. only motor problem we have had in almost 4 years was it spit a valve shim. higher compression motors are good for mx not dezert.
  13. desertratt

    any old 3 wheeler pictures racing SCORE ???

    here are some pix i have of me at both score and mteg and the one i think marc was looking for. back then racing 3-wheelers was the thing to do. i would still race one if they would let me.way faster and more fun to ride then a quad!
  14. desertratt

    Tim Baker 1965-2008

    wow this is a shame. i knew tim back in the late 80's early 90's when he was racing super lites at mteg. really a nice guy! he will be missed!
  15. desertratt

    Quad Help/advice

    i always get arm pump for the frist part of any race. after about 10-15 miles it eases up and i get into that good race groove.
  16. desertratt

    2007 Lake Elsinore Gp

    um i just looked and saw every class but a quad class? no quads this year?
  17. desertratt

    BITD V2R Photos

    some cool pix. at least yours looks like i am doing something! lol!
  18. desertratt


    the whole green thing is an issue for me. any vehical that i have had that was green or had green on it has been wrecked. once even out at the lv 300, i cart wheeled my xr 650 found out some one put a green pen in my camel back so if i needed to fill out my stuck stub i could.
  19. desertratt

    Whiplash Offroad's SNOWFLAKE race!!!

    cant say exact hours but its a good drive from so cal. todd and i went a couple years ago. we left at frist light and got there in the late afternoon. we only stopped twice. one for food and the other was to get a couple ponchos. it was pooring when we got there.
  20. desertratt


    i really enjoy both places.when racing in NV i miss the people on the corse watching and cheering but in mex i can do with out the booby traps, people throwing things at me, tring to send me the wrong way, rancher trucks on the course going the wrong way, a 60 mph speed limit on the hwy, the...