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  1. Brian Mapes

    Advice on Shaving Tires

    Okay so heres the deal, I did a search and came up with nothing really so here is what I am looking for. First off the truck is a 7s ranger with a 4cyl. engine in it running 32 inch a/t tires. Multiple brands mainly Bfg though. We would like to custom groove them to obtain the best handling...
  2. Brian Mapes

    Gettin into desert motorcycle racing?

    Basically I am looking for your guys opinions on what series to start desert motorcycle racing in. I have never raced before but go out riding in the desert usualy about every other weekend. I am a pretty good rider, definately not the greatest out there but would like an opportunity to test my...
  3. Brian Mapes

    Any Race Teams Hiring??

    I am not sure where to put this so I stuck it here. Does anyone know of any race teams that are hiring for a fabricator/prep mechanic type position? Or is there any race teams on here that are looking for someone? Thanks.
  4. Brian Mapes

    Anodizing Shops In Corona, Ca.??

    I normally use Embee coatings in O.C. however i am looking for somewhere closer to me that does good work. I am looking for a place in corona that does anodizing and powdercoating. I havent had any luck looking in the yellow pages or even on thomas net. Thanks in advance.
  5. Brian Mapes

    Gold heat shield-Where to buy

    I have been looking online for suppliers that sell adhesive backed gold heat shield. You can see it in use on the VW tt. Some motorcycle parts places have small amounts for like $50. I am looking to buy slightly bigger quantities for hopefully less money. Does anyone here know who sells the...
  6. Brian Mapes

    Rear Glass For 1991 Explorer

    I am looking for some rear glass for my 1991 Ford Explorer 4 door right now. I have seen some that is a conversion to newer style body lines but I like the squarer look. Anyone know who makes some. Width anywhere from 3 to 6 inches wider. No price really as long as it isnt absurd, but I dont...
  7. Brian Mapes

    Smog legeal engine swap

    I have a 1991 explorer with the 4.0 v6 and it is 4wd. I am planning on doing an engine swap pretty soon. I would like to go with a SBC or possibly a 4.3 chevy v6 like I have in my s10. I know that in order to be smog legal it has to be a newer year but what about make. can you mix and match like...
  8. Brian Mapes

    Employee needed

    We are looking for an employee at the company that I work for. Not sure if this is in the right section, mods, your decision. Basicly we make acrylic clawfoot bathtubs and I am looking for somebody that knows how to work with bondo, fiberglass and has mold making skills. We are in Corona and...
  9. Brian Mapes

    Wish I was in the desert

    I wish that I were in Ocotillo right now. Unfortunately I didnt get to go cuz of a few reasons, one being my bike needs some fixing and two being my GF didnt want to go, therefore I coulnd go, and three all my friends were going to other place like lucerne and borrego and glamis. So all my...
  10. Brian Mapes

    Putting a start key on my bike.

    OK, basicly the title is a little confusing, but what I want to do is make a setup for my bike so that It can not be started without having a key in it. It is a 2005 honda crf250r. Right now it someone wanted to steal it or they could just jump on it and go basiclly. I thought of maybe having it...
  11. Brian Mapes

    Band Saw or Plasma Cutter

    I am looking into getting something for cutting plate(mainly 3/16 and down) at a more efficient, easier, and more accurate way. I have about a grand to spend. Cyberweld has a Miller 125 plasma cutter for like $950. I am kind of leaning towards a bandsaw though because it will make less mess and...
  12. Brian Mapes

    Can somone bend some tube for me?

    I have a piece of 1" tube that needs to have two 45 degree bends put in it. I dont have a bender and cant get ahold of my friend who does. I called Total Chaos and they said they are too busy. I am in Corona. Anyone in Corona or Riverside that can do it today or tomorrow? Thanks.
  13. Brian Mapes

    D2G Irvine

    There is already the threads on some of the other screenings going on like Monrovia and Phoenix but I am going to be going to the Irvine on at University Town Center on Friday night. Who else is going?? I will be going to the 9:40pm showing. I will be in my black RDC shirt.
  14. Brian Mapes

    OLN Right Now

    There is a show called adventure highway on OLN right now and they just interviewed Alan Pflueger and are in San Felipe covering the SF250.
  15. Brian Mapes

    Need bike help! QUICK!

    Ok guys. I have been having some trouble with my bike lately. I have a 1999 Honda CR125R. I can't get it started I have been having multiple problems with it lately. Ok to start with my check list I just put a brand new spark plug in and checked spark. Good. I just put new cluth plates and...
  16. Brian Mapes

    Ryan Arciero on Test Drive

    RIght now Ryan Arciero is on Test Drive on speedchannel test driving a jeep and they are in Baja. He was telling Tommy Kendall the host about some of his baja experiences. They also showing some footage of the scenery and stuff. I think I also saw the Arciero prerunner in the backround.
  17. Brian Mapes

    05 CRF 450

    I am looking into getting a new 05 CRF450 and I am looking for some input on the bike, pros and cons. I have also heard that you cant green sticker them? I do not really know the difference between green and red stickers, so could someone please explain it to me and wether or not I can get a...
  18. Brian Mapes

    Headlights on a Cr125

    I have a 1999 CR125 and I want to put maybe two HID's on the front for night riding. What do i need to hook them up, besides the lights? Also what is a good light to go with and what do most people usually use as a mounting point? Thanks.
  19. Brian Mapes

    Lucerne MDR 400

    I just got back from the Lucerne race, got lost on the way up there and ended up in big bear but got to the race an hour late. Oh well. Pretty good race, i got lots of video footage, at least one shot of every car. I dont know how to get it from my vid camera to the comp and then host it though...
  20. Brian Mapes

    Directions to Lucerne

    I am going to go the the Lucerne race this weekend and I want to know if anyone can give me directions. I have been to Lucerne before but it was like 3 years ago and dont really remember how to get there. I am in Corona, I know you go on the 15 into hesperia but what exit do you get off of and...