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    Glen Helen 24-Hour Endurance

    Anyone else going? We were at the 6-hour and the 12, um, I mean 10-hour, and there wasn't a very big turnout like in years past. We will be out there to finish out the series. Husqvarna Bike #253
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    HISTORY LESSON - I know who WON Parker - in 1983!

    I came across this old results booklet from the SCORE Parker 400 while digging thru Dave Simpson's photo albums. Lots of good stuff in here like the birth of class 7S, old-school motorcycle classes including ATC's, and a mention of drag racer Shirley Muldowney. Its in two parts because it...
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    Laguna Salada big dusty

    Saw this on a news feed, as well as on another mexican off-road website. Looks like Nat Geo channel and Discovery channel crashed a 727 on purpose. News story ... here ... a different view...
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    SF250 4x4 Access Road

    I contacted SCORE regarding the access road mentioned on the official map. Paul Fish replied and said that they did not have any kind of GPS track for said access road, and that we were basically on our own to find our way to the race course. He also mentioned that this 4x4 access road is very...
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    Problem with Attachments

    Recently when trying to open attachments I am getting a couple of errors. When I open an attached picture, the site opens it normally in the smaller viewer, but when I click on the photo to view it in a new browser window (if it has a larger size), all I get is a page full of jibberish...
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    *** No Bad Days Racing Onboard Video 2011 RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe ***

    2011 RECORD Ensenada to San Felipe / 5-1600 Shootout Here are the onboard videos from our race effort in the #578 Dos Equis car. Dennis Webb started the race with me, Curtis Murdock, navigating and calling the shots. At the driver change/restart in Trinidad, Dave Simpson took over the...
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    Baja 1000 Google Earth Overlay

    . Attached is the Google Earth file modified from the .usr file now avaliable on the SCORE website. As BFG, Baja Pits and Mag 7 announced their pit locations, I plotted them on the overlay as well. Kilometer markers are also plotted in there, but use them only as a guidelines. All pit...
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    Hello, my name is Curtis

    - How you got into desert racing. Started attending races way back in the very late 70's. At the ripe old age of 10, my first off-road pit assignment was to hold the fire extinguisher as the 1-2/1600 car was being fueled. Current assignments include mainly logistical planning for all Baja...