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    sticky back sheet metal panel liner

    Thought I give it a shot and see if someone could steer me in the right direction or the name . I noticed a lot of the UTV sheet metal roof have this really thin liner on the roof , I'm assuming to help the rattle noise !! Not exactly sure what its full purpose is but if anyone can get me the...
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    Havasu UTV shops

    In need of a respectable UTV (Polaris ) in the Havasu area . Anyone has some experience or recommendations with or any shops ?? Thank you in advance
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    Who else makes axles

    Im looking for someone to make me some custom axles , im guessing summer bros might be too busy . They don't even return phone calls , any leads are really appreciated . Could use something in the near future . TIA
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    On Topic Purchasing a 6.0 married to a 4L90

    Needing a little help ., I have the opportunity to buy a 6.0L with a street tune an with upgrades to match the tune. My only question is why can't I find much on the trans (4L90) I have googled comparisons etc etc. Is a 4L90 a good trans to use out in the desert ? I always hear the 4L80 is the...
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    Shopping for truck Lift

    Just seeing what everyone is running at there shops , I wanna purchase an electrical one (which I think they all are I could be wrong since I don't know much lol ) . I've been looking at the bend pak lifts an seems to be what all these tire shops have but trying to see if I could go with...
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    Baja Designs- Rear Facing LED Light Bars Does anyone else make something similar ?
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    Bending aluminum tube

    I need to bend some 1"X 0.95 aluminum tubing , just needing some pointers from the pro's out there . I have a manual bender converted over to air/hydro. Will that do the trick just like bending steel , DOM, 4130 etc. ? thanks in advance for any pointers.
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    your recommendation for stand alone harness

    Looking for a stand alone harness for my LS1, whos your top pick and a big thanks in advance for your help.
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    In need of a 45 deg cut ( 4.5" tubing )

    Anyone near Manhattan Beach that can cut me a 45deg. on some 4.5" Tubing . Will be around all weekend . Thanks in advance .
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    In need of driveshaft shop

    Anyone have any good recommendations on a driveshaft shop in the LA area , Whittier , or Covina ? Just looking for a recommendation from someone's experience . Goggled a few shops but no reviews or site . Thanks in advance !!!
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    141st Kentucky Derby

    Just seen any horse racing fans on RDC . Just seen how everyone see's the field and you're favorites. It creped up on me too quick without following too many horse's. American Pharaoh is a high favorite, trying to hit that Trifecta !! lol
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    Steel Buildings

    Looking for anyone on here or knows of someone, or has purchasing experience of a steel building/ Garage contractor or wholesale business. Im shopping around but would much rather use someone with a good reference . Thanks in advance PM me for more info
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    How would a TT hold up in Dakar?

    Sorry if its been spoken before , but didn't catch nothing on any thread . How good would a TT hold up in Dakar or is that just out of the question ? I don't follow Dakar much but as of last year I kind of been lurking the sidelines on getting to know what its all about . A wide variety of...
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    My attempts at Tig welding (much needed Help)

    I didn't want to ruin the pretty welds thread so started a thread for some pointers on TIG here's a few pics what im dealing with haha. my amps are at 95 my pre/post is set at about 5. 1/8th" material the rod is ER70-S.The last pic on the far left corner I did without Rod .
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    Buying A TIG welder.(need advice)

    Asking for a little help from the weld journey men on RDZ.I wanna try to learn how to TIG what is a good machine to purchase for a beginner to use but set in not toping out my machine capabilities with skill in time.(Don't wanna purchase something to small to later come across I cant weld that...
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    Just wanted to wish all Fathers that handle there biz , a Happy Fathers Day!!
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    Grade 8 VS 12 Point Bolts

    I have a question: I've seen on these high end trucks n a few others , why is it that they run Grade 8 Bolts on "certain" components and use 12 point on others? (just a curious question)
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    CNN throwing down for the off road Fam

    Did anyone else catch CNN give a few seconds to off road (showed the redbull ice racing) - hope it's not a re-post sorry if so Sent from the [URL=
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    Home Security System's

    Well the thief's, are wide awake n have arrived very strong here in BHC AZ, I never really had crossed one but over Xmas they stold my sons bike .Im looking to put a worthy camera system on our house.You guys have any good recommendations (not to worried on cost) aslong as it does its job n...
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    GOPro Mounts- You Recommend....?

    I'm in need a 4 gopro mounts (tube clamp style) ,there's so much out there but would like to see whats working for you guys. Good durability etc. etc. -thanks in advance\m/