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  1. Nick Sexton

    4x bike

    Im looking to buy a quality 26" bike specifically design for 4x racing. i would prefer to get a dual suspension 4x bike. Can any one recommend any companies that produce quality 4x race bikes. Thanks
  2. Nick Sexton

    Carburetor for 05' YFZ

    I need a new carburetor for a 2005 YFZ 450. does any one know of any good companies that make carbs for a YFZ. looking for a high performance carb because my motor is highly modified. thanks for the help.
  3. Nick Sexton

    Mountain bike Trails...

    I looking for new place to ride my mountain bike. i live in fullerton and i ride the fullerton loop everyday and it is getting a little old. i am looking for some new trails close to the fullerton area... can any one give me some suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Nick Sexton

    Downhill Bikes

    Im looking for a downhill bike. there are so many different brands to choose from. what should i look for in a quality downhill bike? i am looking for a used one so i am looking for a older bike, no older than 2003. does any one have any suggestions? thanks!
  5. Nick Sexton

    Rebuilding my Quad...

    I have a 2004 YFZ 450 that i am rebuilding for the new desert season. i already have the bike striped down to the bare frame and i have a huge list of parts that need to be replaced. the engine that i have right now is shot and will need to be replaced. I would like to replace my old 04...
  6. Nick Sexton


    I own a 2004 YFZ 450 race bike, right now i am planning on buying another YFZ so i will have two chassis and motors, one for race and one for prerunning. My question is, when i am looking for a bike am i limited to only 2004 models or are the other YFZ years cross compatible. The reason why i am...
  7. Nick Sexton

    Rebuilding a quad...

    I am planning on completely rebuilding my YFZ 450 this summer and i am trying to figure out a way to get the parts that i need the cheapest way possible. because of the condition that my quad is in i will need to replace a lot of the major parts such as the frame, wiring harness, engine and a...
  8. Nick Sexton

    Cheap ATV tires???

    I am looking for a place that can give me a really good price on four ATV tires. Money is a little short right now and i need to get some new tires before i prerun the 500. I am looking for a set of ITP XCT both front and rear set. Can any one help me out? thanks
  9. Nick Sexton

    MDR - King Of The Desert Photos

    Here are some photos from last weekend. Congrats to all the finishers, Andy McMillin and Steven and Kyle. let me know if you want to see photos of your own car
  10. Nick Sexton

    Looking to upgrade my Landcruiser!

    I have a 1995 Toyota Landcruiser with the 4.7 liter V6. I am looking to add a some performance and MPGs to the engine. I don't want to do anything crazy, I am looking for a basic air intake and exhaust and if I can find one, a power programmer. If the price is right I might want to enhance the...
  11. Nick Sexton

    Having engine trouble...

    i own a 2004 YFZ 450 ATV... i am having a problem with my engine and it is only one ride new after the engine rebuild. the problem i believe is in the carb... my quad is able to start up and idle fine, but as soon as i apply any throttle the engine bogs out and dies. i think the float bowl might...
  12. Nick Sexton

    Local Performance shops in Orange county

    I am looking for a engine performance shop that would be able to work on my YFZ ATV engine.... I am looking for a shop in the orange county area...
  13. Nick Sexton

    X Travel ATV Frames... Any Good?

    I have been looking at those X Travel ATV frames for a long time now... I have had the opportunity to ride the frame and it is a great design and i like the feel of the bike... i am planning on racing the Vegas to Reno as well as the Baja 1000 this year and the ATV i have right now is in no...
  14. Nick Sexton

    Photographer looking for job!

    Hello, my name is Nick, i am a sports photographer with three years of experience and four years of schooling. i am a experienced photo editor with access to professional grade computer equipment and Photoshop CS3. i am looking for a position that offers steady and consistent hours... kind of...
  15. Nick Sexton

    Good Tire deals?!?!

    i am looking to get a full set of new tires for my quad. i need a full set of ITP XCTs 23" Fronts and 22" rears... money is a little tight right now, can any body steer me in the right direction to get a good deal on some new tires? Thank you for your help
  16. Nick Sexton

    Contact info for Allen Fox...

    I am looking for contact information for Allen Fox. He builds high performance racing engines for quads and dirt bikes in San Diego... if some one can hook me up with the contact info for this guy i would appreciate it... thank you...
  17. Nick Sexton

    The greatest off road adventure ever...

    Top Gear brings us an epic one hour film of possibly the greatest single adventure any one has ever done with a car... Drive to the artic circle... the film is split up into seven section on the video clips are in order from top to bottom: YouTube - Top Gear Arctic Special...
  18. Nick Sexton

    Any one have a extra seat???

    Looking for a group to go down to Baja with. i was going with a group but they had to bail out... and as of now i have no one to go with. i any body has an extra seat and doesnt mind give me a call 619 992 6562 or send me a message... Thanks!
  19. Nick Sexton

    Photo Equipment

    just wonder what type of equipment a photographer would bring to document the Baja 1000 this year. right now i have a Canon 30D, 85mm @ 5.6 Standard lens, 300mm @ 4 fix telephoto lens, a polarizers, and two 4 gig CF cards. i would like to know what type of equipment (specifically lenes)...
  20. Nick Sexton

    Any Dakar quad racers???

    Just wondering how many quad teams show up to race the Dakar. i am a quad racer with racing experiance, i have done a lot of the big off road races and i think it would be fun to race Dakar on a quad some day.