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  1. mexgamer

    Best US race to spectate

    Parker coming up, and the Mint not too far in the future, it got me thinking, what's the best race to spectate in the US? Is it one of those two? Or maybe Vegas to Reno, or none of those. I have never been to a race Stateside, only Baja, so I can't comment, but I would like to hear your...
  2. mexgamer

    Prerunning at "safe" speeds

    I want to bring this to everybody's attention. Prerunning is one of the biggest pros of racing in Baja, right? So, shouldn't everybody follow the rules and laws in place so that we may keep prerunning for the ages? What's more important is safety. I'm not trying to bash the person who did this...
  3. mexgamer

    Contingency-BAJA 1000

    Please post pictures of what's going on in Ensenada to bring some happiness to us who can't make it.
  4. mexgamer

    Raid events

    I'm guessing many of us don't follow Rally Raid outside of the Dakar, I don't at least. So what do the big names of rally raid do the rest of the year? Researching a bit I found the FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies...
  5. mexgamer

    ORRL Online Store

    Hello everybody! I just wanted to present to you the Official Off-Road Racing League Online Store. The ORRL is an online off-road racing organization; in order to pay for the website and domain I have decided to launch this online store. The extra income will be used for prizes for the ORRL...
  6. mexgamer

    San Diego Supercross

    Who is going to the supercross this Saturday? I'm always excited for the supercross, what are some of the highlights this year? Anybody new? Any injuries?
  7. mexgamer


    It has been a dream of mine and my dad to start our own racing team but we lack the money to fund it. I know that if I don't work for it it will never happen, I can't expect anyone to do us any favors, right? I'm currently in my Junior year at SDSU majoring in Aerospace Engineering and I know...
  8. mexgamer

    5th ORRL Dakar Rally - PS3/DiRT 2

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to invite you to the 5th running of the Off-Road Racing League Dakar Rally tribute event. We'll be running Raid T1 trucks and Stock Baja tracks. If you have any questions let me know.
  9. mexgamer

    GTA V Off-Road

    I just wanted to share with you the off-road tracks I created on GTA Online. I must warn you, they are pretty long and the very hard difficulty is actually very hard! But, that's off-road racing right? So don't expect flat roads, perfectly marked; I tried to make them as hard as possible to...
  10. mexgamer

    Checkpoints closing time confusion

    I just want to explain why there was confusion with the closing times. Checkpoint workers were given a different Race Briefing sheet than the racers; why did this happen? I have no clue. The one we were given said the closing time for Checkpoint 5 was 1:38pm and Checkpoint 6 was 5:38pm; also...
  11. mexgamer

    Status on injured drivers, riders, chase crews and/or spectators

    Does anybody have any information on the following cases? - Rob Mac chase crew member hit by BJ - Chase crew members involved in the roll over by Coco's - The two spectators hit by a car or truck near Checkpoint 7 on Saturday Any more who were possibly seriously injured? I hope they are...
  12. mexgamer

    Internet connection in San Matias?

    I will be working at checkpoint #6 in San Matias (RM 760) and I was wondering if there's any way to get internet connection there? Thanks.
  13. mexgamer

    Baja 1000: Crops destroyed, who was it?

    From SCORE's official spanish Facebook page: "From Roger Norman: Help, anyone know who was pre-running around race mile 715 in a vehicle last night? They ran through a farmers tomato field tearing up his crop and also broke a water main. Anybody who races through a farmers field during the...
  14. mexgamer

    Baja 1000 Qualifying

    Qualifying won't be open to the public; straight from SCORE's facebook page in spanish: "Es oficial, Score International por medio de su director de carrera, Abelardo Grijalva, da a conocer que la calificación de esta Baja 1000 no será abierta al público, esto por cuestiones de seguridad y la...
  15. mexgamer

    Baja 1000: Shortcut for the slower classes

    Straight from SCORE's official spanish facebook page: "Racers, today it has been announced that the slower class (Class 11 and Class 7SX being the official classes) have a shortcut from Mile 395- Mile 500, which is also roughly Checkpoint 3 to Checkpoint 4, to avoid the silt beds. The point of...
  16. mexgamer

    Highway 5 San Felipe-San Luis Gonzaga

    The Speed Zone this Baja 1000 is about 50 miles long from Check 2, north of Puertecitos, to San Luis Gonzaga Bay. But, I was just wondering, they are going to keep paving the highway up until it merges with highway 1, right? So what's going to happen once they have paved the whole dirt road? I...
  17. mexgamer

    DiRT 2 & DiRT 3 PS3 Racing League

    Would you be interested on a racing league (PS3) combining both DiRT 2 and DiRT 3? I am planning a combined series for the 5th season of ORRL's "DiRT Racing League" ( starting on September 15th. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
  18. mexgamer

    New owner of one of Robby's Hummer H3

    So what do you know about these guys:
  19. mexgamer

    Design software

    Is there software to design an off-road race car? Something simple, I don't mean Solid Works or Creo Elements/Pro Engineer, unless there's an easy way to design a car in those (I know how to use them but I don't know how it would be an easy job to design a car/truck). I just want it for the...
  20. mexgamer

    Baja 500, what went right:

    I've been reading a lot about the bad things that happened at this Baja 500 but lets not overlook the good stuff! I wanna start with this video: Maybe someone flooded the wash on purpose and like always there were booby...