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  1. Brian Mapes

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    j jason go to airgas they can order you your titanium tig rod in one pound increments from washington alloy called a mini pak: tell thhem exactly what i just told you and also come with the kind of rod and size specifyied as well. one poind is the smallest they sell
  2. Brian Mapes

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    some awesome welds being posted lately. i have been out of a job the last five months so i havent done any welding myself unfortunately. to Chace- the weld you are refering too is just called a weave not a basket weave. not trying to correct you just inform you so you know for the future. and...
  3. Brian Mapes

    Where to get welder extension cord plugs???

    airgas stocks cooper brand bottom of the line but can order the top of the line
  4. Brian Mapes

    Your Mill, My cash

    Corona machine shop. Off magnolia and the 15 fwy in corona. Terry is the owner and the one who you want to talk to. He is a good guy and can machine whatever you need. Their number is 951-737-3923.
  5. Brian Mapes

    Roof Rack

    Hey Fusion. That is a nice chase rack you got there but I just have one question. Your cylinder holder there, is that CO2 or Nitrogen that you are running? Because a nitrogen cylinder can be in any position while you are pulling the gas out, however a CO2 cylinder should be at a 45 degree angle...
  6. Brian Mapes

    1/2" drive drill suggestion for tubing notcher???

    Well of the ones that you pictured it looks like the second two are variable speed, or variable for reverse. Mine is like the second one. The side handle is a piece of steel tubing that is like 8 inches long. Plenty of leverage to prevent the hole saw from catching and hurting yourself. I once...
  7. Brian Mapes

    new to welding with questions

    flux cored wire will snap if bend sharp mild.steel will not. flux cored wire is gray in color and mild steel is typically always copper color. they each a excellent process for their intended uses. however off road chassis fabrication and the like is not the ideal choice for flux cored welding...
  8. Brian Mapes

    1/2" drive drill suggestion for tubing notcher???

    Milwaukee Hole Hawg. hands down the best thing i have used hooked up to a hole saw notcher except a drill press
  9. Brian Mapes

    -MY design style-

    That rear trailing arm is badass Craig. I really like how one peice of plate travels from the rod end all the way to the shock mounts like that. That makes for a very strong piece having the shocks directly linked to the pivot point.
  10. Brian Mapes

    Plastic Welding

    Well do you have a plastic welder? Or are you planning on outsourcing it? If the plastic is sheet or plate type material that is thick I believe that it is welded with a special torch that uses a hydrogen flame. The other type of plastic welding that I am somewhat familiar with is ultrasonic...
  11. Brian Mapes

    75 chevy build

    Which syncrowave is that? I love me a miller welder, especially if it says Syncrowave or Dynasty on the side : )
  12. Brian Mapes

    TSA Motorsports 2011 4x4 7200 truck

    I like how they have some depth to them. They will have alot more bending and front impact strength than a typicall 3/16" or 1/4" plate normally used.
  13. Brian Mapes

    TSA Motorsports 2011 4x4 7200 truck

    Do you have any close up pictures of the upper A arm frame mounts. I cant tell for sure but it looks like you have some trick looking machined pieces for the A arm mounts. Did you guys have them custom machined of if you bought them where would one find them?
  14. Brian Mapes

    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Looks good jason, what filler rod did you end up using in the picture there and on the projects that we talked about?
  15. Brian Mapes

    help boxing a ranger frame

    I woud say you are on the right track. I would box it in with 1/8" 4130 plate. Def.. cold rolled plate. Make sure you clean your frame really good. When I box a frame I get a 8' or 10' sheet so as to have as least amount of seams as possible. I use poster board taped together to make a section...
  16. Brian Mapes

    whats the best way to truss a 9inch

    Well if you are dead set on not buying a kit and want to do it yourself, then you are going to need to make either a beastly jig to hold it exactly straight or a jig setup to prestress it and pull the ends to the opposite side of the truss. If you dont have a bunch of material already to make a...
  17. Brian Mapes

    75 chevy build

    how is your progress coming on the tig welding on your single pass and second pass weave coming.
  18. Brian Mapes

    Bent control arm tubing vs. Straight

    Most definately what you did will mess with the caster or camber or KPI. Everything is affected by everything when designing suspension. It is a push and pull give and take game. To make your jig I would get a pc of plate that is big enough to lay out your new arms on and as thick as possible to...
  19. Brian Mapes

    The fab school vs Baker motorsports

    What about your instructors, what qualifies them to be an instructor for you?
  20. Brian Mapes

    Evolution metal cutting saws???

    I have never owned one of these but when I worked at Airgas we sold the evolution blades and hand held circular saw, kinda looks like a skilsaw. Anyways we sold a ton of them and I dont think I ever got one complaint. Everyone loved them, and as a sales tool we had a piece of 1/4" plate cut with...