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    Prerunner Heat and AC

    Yes, they run off a single compressor and a huge Condenser made for running 2 A/C units.
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    News Todd Pankratz – Can Am Maverick Max X “Bajito Edition”

    Thanks Borracho- Yes, Wally's dad and my grandfather were brothers. So we're second cousins. He is very insightful and extremely talented, and a very funny sense of humor.
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    News Todd Pankratz – Can Am Maverick Max X “Bajito Edition”

    Thank you T.martin. Actually, the discriminator valve does the same thing regardless of where it's mounted as long as the air flow is in the right direction, and it's not more than roughly 15* perpendicular to the ground. In this case it was for both packaging and aesthetic and air can still...
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    Prerunner Heat and AC

    Dave, I’ve been building an I-Beamed Blazer for a while now. I opted to go with 2 of the biggest units Restomod makes. Here’s a few pics. Unit on the firewall is for driver an co-driver compartments. Unit mounted in the center console is for rear compartment. They will have individual...
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    Class 12 /1100/ SCORE Lites ONLY Thread

    Scott, the car is available. I send you a PM, or a conversation... or something. Todd Pankratz
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    I have a few extra rooms in Ensenada next week

    I have extra rooms at Mision Santa Isabel if anyone is looking for rooms. Check in Tuesday check out Thursday. Call or text me at (760) 960-3524. Todd
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    Class 5 Treasure Hunt

    Rick, my brother and I owned the car you're looking for and bought it from your dad. It's was definitely the car in the photos because the aluminum inner tin was anodized gold and it had Curnutt shocks on it. It also had Curnutt rear hubs with his torque limiters. We raced the car in the early...